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Hey there! I am in a big multi-gaming community where I help to run a small league of legends section. We have both a competitive and casual player base in the community. I'm currently looking for people to fill a few positions in our staff. There are 2 positions I am looking for: - Team Leader - Event host **Team Leader** As a Team Leader, you would be in charge of a few competitive teams and act as a sort of manager for them. This would involve finding scrims, finding members to fill teams and setting up new teams in the community. We regularly host tournaments as well as an LCS style league within the community and you could also help me and a few others in the community out with organising events like these. ** Event Host** As an Event Host, you would be more focused on the casual side of the community. You would be responsible for hosting events within the community. These would just be setting up organised times to play different things which can range from just normal games to customs with unique twists like Hide and Seek or Ultimate Bravery. We have a system on our website which lets you set up these events easily, so this would be a great position for anyone that just likes to play and meet new people! ** Requirements** - Have TeamSpeak - The whole community is pretty much based on TeamSpeak and our forums page. - Be motivated! And that's it! No previous experience or anything needed, so if you think you would like to try it out go for it! As long as you are motivated and dedicated, I'd love to have you here. If you are interested in either positions please contact me on League (TsukiSora) or on disocrd (TsukiSora#6656) I look forward to hearing from you!

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