Evolution Gaming starting up a League of Legends team

Evolution Gaming Esports
So we are glad to announce that our ladies #EG.Pandemonium played in the league and also had some success and learned some experience. Out of the 6 games our ladies won 1 game. Some close games was played against RE ACCE Cleo, LEETPRO.FE and...
Hey fellow gamers, WE WANT YOU! Evolution Gaming, a South African eSports organisation with a core focus on FPS games, is looking to enhance our skillset by adding a new game to our portfolio, League of Legends. We are building a new squad from the ground up, with myself as Captain and ADC. EG is recruiting individuals who are interested in working in a strong team environment and are committed to competing as a team in various leagues and tournaments such as VS Gaming. Are you looking to put your skills to the test in the competitive world of eSports by joining the Evolution Gaming clan? If so, please add me in game (Remmy San) or on Discord (Remmy#8599). Requirements for application: • Must reside in South Africa. • Over 16. • Committed to train at least 2 nights per week for 2-3 hours a session (Training time could increase closer to leagues and tournaments). • Play in a non-toxic but still competitive environment where you are willing to learn from mistakes and accept constructive feedback. • Be a valuable and supportive team member. • Supporting EG sponsors as needed.

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