Inhouse Discord server for Diamond 4+ AND platinum 4 + Players

Hello everyone, If you are a diamond/plat player we have a discord organization for inhouse games .What is inhouse? Inhouse is where you get 10 people manually and then create a custom game like a scrim. The main goal is to improve as a player and have a positive environment/attitude. To do so having fun is also important. You join the server, assign your role by typing your prefered role and rank. Please make sure you read the rules. Soloq is trash and everyone knows it. Which is why i created this server.You will have voice comms to actually talk to ur teammates unlike soloq. You will get better as a player . Tell people about the server so we can get more players to have more inhouse games. We will also host tournaments with prizes. More info is in the discord. Diamond server : Platinum server :

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