Looking for freelance coaches to join with a massive community with big ambitions

We are a multi-gaming, professional esports community, and we have a coaching system going on, where people can get help from coaches in the community for free. We are aiming to make it into a very good and properly working system, where it benefits both sides. Right now we are looking for people who would want to pick it up RIGHT NOW and start working with some of our teams, up to diamond elo, and those who would want to learn coaching and practice it, to do it properly in the future. So in other words, get into the action, teach and get teached by every situation, develop through trial and error and be ambitious for the future.Be willing to talk and listen to other coaches, critics and ppl, who have knowledge.Be willing to go through a harder time in order to get a better future.And be willing to work,cause u will feel the rewards . If you would be interested add me or my fellow officer and we can discuss it further. IGN : JUSTiANDmy2Poros or: XEN QPas Discord : Flo-TS#6426 or : Qpas#5724
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