Looking for friendly people to play with!

Hi! Ever find yourself sitting in your chair and staring at your friend list thinking: "I wish there was someone online that I could play with"? No? Well I do, far too often in fact :P So here's to changing that state of affairs! In order to convince you why it's totally a good idea to become my friend, I've put together some pros and cons! Pro: * I'm sometimes decent at the game * I have no friends, so I can dedicate most of my time to you! * Cookies! ... if you go to the store and buy them * I make teh funnies Con: * You might claw your eyes out if you see me play Vayne * Oh boy * you have no earthly idea * how bad I am on Vayne * Also I use cookies to get people's attention, even though I'm too broke to ever actually provide them * There might be cringe. Lots and lots of cringe. That should do it. If somehow you're still not convinced, I can write you a poem (ASK AT YOUR OWN RISK), or draw you a masterpiece in MS paint (ALSO AT YOUR OWN RISK). I tend to mostly play normals/ARAMs, but if anyone has a particular wish, I'm up for some duoQ every now and then (main mid, plat V atm). Anyhow, if you're brave enough to face the aforementioned cons, and aren't toxic, feel free to send me a friend invite! (ranks are irrelevant) GL, HF, and remember to always ban Zoe! Thanks for reading! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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