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Hey ya! I will make this short and painless, I promise! **WELCOME TO THE ART OF WARFARE [TAW]** Would you like to find people to play TFT with? Make friends, enjoy yourself but also get the chance to play competitively? Well, we can help with all of that and more! The Art of Warfare, or TAW for short, is a well organized community of over 2k gamers from all around the world, playing more than 40 games! We pride on being different than most other gaming communities, and we’re way more than just a clan for you to join and play with us! **What do we offer?** We can provide you with a solid place for you to start playing without having to deal with toxic players and a place for you to improve and learn if needed, and especially a place for you to meet and have fun with new people! We are like a family that works towards the goal to get more people together to enjoy playing Teamfight Tactics. We have two events a week where we meet on teamspeak and play Teamfight Tactics in groups. Besides these two set events we meet up daily to play together and get to know eachother. Since we are a non-profit organisation, we use teamspeak instead of discord. Teamspeak offers much better organized sub channels and branches, and much more stuff you could learn about when you decide to join us! **What little do we ask in return?** * a working mic * teamspeak 3 client * understanding of the english language **How can you reach us?** You can join TAW by going to []( and hit the register button, fill in an application and let our staff respond to your application asap. Choose the game "League Of Legends" and from there you can choose "Teamfight Tactics"! You will be contacted via email or In game on how to go from there! However, you are always welcome to come play with us and see for yourself before registering. Just hit me up! If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to me! **EUW IGN: Amazing Kitten Email:** **EUNE Email:** I hope to see you join and play with us soon! Thank you and stay awesome! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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