[EUW] The Red Gaming Phoenix League Season 2 signup is open!!!

**The Phoenix league** This is our very own hand crafted tournament for teams interested in the ultimate challenge on the rift. Teams will compete over a month, playing against each other several times in a round robin style format, with semi, finals and relegations at the end of the month. We have 4 different leagues that teams are placed into once they have registered Phoenix League Rising: Gold 4 to Gold 1. Phoenix League Academy: Platinum 4 to Platinum 1. Phoenix League Elite: Diamond 4 to Diamond 1. Phoenix League Masters: Diamond 1+. (Entry fee of 25 euro per team) - Solo, premade and existing teams can sign up. We do not allow semi pro / pro teams to join. - Once the season begins, teams will be placed in one of the above leagues based on their main rosters average elo. - When the month comes to an end, the top 4 teams in group A and B from each league will move on to a BO3 semi final and a BO3 final to determine the winner of the league. **Do you want to be a team captain?:** Team Captains will be determined before the actual roster is made; they then chose their team out of the registration-pool after the sign-up period has ended. Team captains cannot choose their roster until the signup period has ended, or sign up again with chosen members from the signup sheet. Team-Captains are the representatives and held accountable for their teams’ actions (punctuality, behavior, schedules... etc.) in the games AND in discord. In addition to their normal player responsibilities, the team captain also needs to; - Communicate with the tournament officials on behalf of the team - Communicate with other teams on behalf of the team - Act as the final authority for team decisions during the tournament. - Communicate all required information to the entire team. - Accurately represent the opinions of the team as a whole You can signup as a solo player, a group of players or a full team. If you are interested in signing up you have to do it on our website. You and the team also have to be on our Discord server. The signup period ends the 2nd of september. If you have any further questions feel free to ask on our server :) Signup: https://redgamingcommunity.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/JkgA4g4

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