Glow Gaming [Discord Community] - Recruiting!

#Glow Gaming Community Hey summoner- picture this: it’s a saturday morning, you wake up, normally it seems like you’re dragging your feet through another day of ranked matches and your team just won’t stop spewing lava on wherever you stand. That sucks, right? Throw down your iceborn gauntlet and equip our space helmets; open up your eyes to a new world where you can feel relaxed and safe with everyone on the crew, your sense of adventure is just what we love so stop by Glow today and meet a friend! *** #**What does our community offer:** * Warm and welcoming members from all walks of life * Mature reliable staff who will understand you * Levelling system (+ cosmetic rewards) * Spectacular in-house game nights * Creative arts (music, art, etc.) is encouraged Foxes in space & more… *** #**Awesome! I’m interested, what next?** We at Glow want to uphold a standard to ensure that the community is enjoyable for everyone so before you join, make sure you are at least 16 years old and can speak / understand English. More importantly we love seeing people’s growth and illuminate their hearts so take a minute to tell us about yourself in our #introduce_yourself channel and go wild with posting all your projects in our other channels. Respect everyone and avoid any drama, we look forward to seeing you battle for our galaxy, space fox. *** #**Still on board!? Okay, here’s the link!** {{sticker:sg-syndra}}

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