New team LF extremely active adc or top main to join for flex 5v5 ( All players gold > high gold)

You will need to be free 7+ hours a day 5 days a week excluding the weekend which is subjective to social lifes ( yuck to the outside world ) speak clear and fluent english. That means not asking a hundred and one questions what something or some phrase/word means in the team chat. Confident in their role with a wide selection of champions to choose from ( OTP's welcome but if your otp is banned please have a back-up ). communications + working mic, Passionate and confidance is king but required to stay quiet and focus, We are all low to high gold players but we dont care about soloQ so long as youre obviously good at your main role ( ADC/TOP ) lastly we require you to not be toxic and to enjoy the game .... but. we are very competitive, moments may get heated but you need to remain cool-headed and willing to smash 50 games a night if it requires. oh.. P.S no kids... we are all 20+ so please be honest if youre not mature and like sweaty bum noises then go sniff your grannys panties! if you meet some or if most of these requirements add me in game!! Peace out ombreaass!!! IGN: Tupez AGE: 24 From: The filthy UK
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