Platinum 4 Mid/Top looking for an active, friendly, and competitive team!

Hi there, I am Baz, Im 21 and from the UK, and I am a Plat player, I reached Plat on a few seperate accounts and kind of gave up on the competitve aspect of the game so I never really put in the effort to climb this account, so I feel like joining an active and competitive team again could reignite my passion for this game and give me a reason to climb again, id also like to form long lasting friendships with the people in the team. I am really not too bothered about the rank of the other people I play with, as long as you are a competitive team looking for scrims etc, are actually active, not just playing 1 or 2 games per week, and are friendly, not toxic. Can also use Discord. When it comes to what I play, I want to say first that I strongly detest playing tanks, and usually in my roles the teams I have played in have forced me to be a tank slave, which is not what I am, I play squishier 'carry style' champions, but I also play bruisers and juggernauts, so if you are looking for a player that is willing to play tanks often, I am probably not your guy. That being said, my favorite champ is Morde (hence the name xD) My mid lane champion pool may turn a lot of people off, I am more of a caps-esque mid laner and mainly play AD or melee mids, my top mid laners are Mordekaiser, Pyke, Aatrox, TF, Yasuo and am currently learning Camille In top I play Mordekaiser Aatrox Darius and Pyke mostly, but again I can play other things Sorry for the long rant xD, but if you like what you see and are interested in me please add me on the league client, i look forward to hearing from you! IGN is Uzahl

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