Creating a team for preseason 10 and beyond

Hey guys and girls I have decided to create my own team after being in many teams that have failed in the past because of bad management. I am looking for players who want to be part of a serious team. I am looking for all roles apart from support as I will be filling that role. You need to be minimum of gold 2. The idea of the team is to see how far we are able to get in clash. And on the flex que ladder. To be considered for the role you need to be: Able to take criticism and are willing to take the points suggested to you to improve your play. Don't rage at other members of the team or flame in all chat to the enemy team. Be able to speak fluent English as I myself am English and can't speak another language. Be able to use Discord Have a variety of champs you can play not just a one trick If you are interested in joining me then don't hesitate to leave a message on the boards or add me in game. Thanks for reading. Have fun playing League of Legends!
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