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Hello everyone, ***The Novorion Community*** is looking to attract new players to their Discord server. We have several things to offer like: 1. An international community for all types of games, stretching from World of Warcraft to League of Legends, and from RuneScape to Fortnite. Our main focus lays on League of Legends however, but support and help for other games are implemented as well. 2. A community that is active and growing. 3. We host from time to time League of Legends community team battles that are supervised by our coach, who gives his analyse and tips about how to improve your current playstyle (just so you can defeat those annoying smurfs in your elo). Tournaments might be held in the future. 4. Different kinds of bots useable in the Discord Server. You can find us right here: ***The Novorion Academy*** is something we introduced to help and improve our current Novorion Gaming Team. Novorion Academy is for players who are interested in joining the main team but don't have the right ELO-rank yet or haven't fulfilled some other requirement. You can see it this way: as a the player has a champion pool of which he can choose from, the Novorion Academy is more like a player's pool of which the coach can choose from. The coach(es) choose which person they pick based on their ELO but als on: how is this player in teamfights, or in playmaking or some other aspect of the game. But as well as: How much of a teamleader or teamplayer is this person. We hope to get it filled soon with other possible candidates for the team. Why? Well because we believe it triggers players to improve their own current playstyle and ELO, and it creates some healthy competition between players. A member of the team will have to proof himself that he is the right fit for the team, as there might be other candidates waiting to fill in his spot. ***The Novorion Gaming E-Sports Team*** is currently looking for a Top laner between Platinum II and Diamond III. If you are interested in joining, send an e-mail to the e-mail address found below with your application, and we will contact you back shortly. Only professional registrations will be retained. We hope to see you soon! The Novorion Management. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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