Looking for an active and ambitious person to manage competitive teams in a community

Hey there! I am a part of a huge community with over 1200 active members across multiple game, and I am responsible for managing a small part which focuses on League of Legends. I am currently looking for a team leader who would help me out with things going forward. We aren't some casually made discord community, but a proper one, with sponsors, daily activity and a lot of things going on. The position would involve recruiting players for teams and helping to organise and manage multiple teams. This may involve setting up tryouts, looking for scrims or fixing any problems they may be having. The burden wouldn't only be on you, we have a team of around 5 people who would be able to help you organise the teams in our division of the community. You would also be able to help out in developing the more casual, community aspects as well, but would only be required to focus on the competitive side if you so choose. **Key things I am looking for in you:** **EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED**. This isn't a position where you are valued by your prior knowledge. If you believe that you want to do something like this, that is what matters, not how many years you have spent talking to people. Be ambitious. I have ambitions myself and I want to achieve them, so I need a person who aims to move forward to reach great things. We have a lot of exciting things planned, so you would need to want to go for them. Be available. This position isn't for everyone. If you have 3 hours of free time every day because of work, 1-2 of which you spend with your friends, and chill in a pub every weekend, you couldn't get things done. Now I'm not asking for you to spend all day and have no life, but don't take on the position if you don't have any time! Have motivation. I am not looking for someone who has an extra hour per day and "might as well try". You need to WANT to get involved, WANT to learn, WANT to push forward. Have motivation to add me, have motivation to respond to my messages, have motivation to join up with us and continue along the way. For more discussion about everything, make sure to add me and we can talk more in detail. There is a lot to tell, and I am looking forward to meeting people who are interested. Have a great day!

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