Flex Plat+ : Searching for mid and adc!

Hello potential good friend! Have you been playing for quite some time but you are just on your own with no friends to go? Would you deep down prefer to play that Flex Q with an actual 5 man instead of being the 3rd wheel on the wagon, where you are just playing alone in an environment build for friendship? Would you like to get better as a player with friends who can show you where you could've done better? Search no more! We're a group of plat/diamond players and we're looking for YOU to fill our team. Do you enjoy playing in the midlane or rather go adc? Both positions are available and you might also swap with our jungler from time to time. Sounds great right? There are only a few things we expect from you. - Be 18+ - Speak English - Good behaviour - Have a working mic and Discord (We use both League Voice and Discord) - Plat+ in FlexQ and preferably also in SoloQ Now if you've come this far and you're still interested, don't be afraid to shoot me a message or add me in game! Hope to hear from you soon. Cya on the Rift, Sniekie

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