Looking for ADC or Jungle to play with in ranked! Goldish elo!!

Hey guys. Comment below if ure interested!! My ign is: H2O Bubbles Im looking for adc to play with around gold elo. I am a support main and play mostly enchanter supports with ardent addiction ~. Mostly i care about playing Nami, shes bae =) But i also play Leona, thresh and mage supports like karma/lux/brand/zyra. It all depends on what the team needs. Of what you prefer as adc. I cant always do voice but for the most of the time i can. I am bored of playing soloQ support and aince my boyfriend and i are in different elos we cant duoQ.. I juat want a premade botlane for oncw cause its 100% easier to stomp botlane and such stuff.
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