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Dannyfp3 - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Dannyfp3 / Platinum 3 41LP / 261W 237L Win Ratio 52% / Zilean - 52W 43L Win Ratio 55%, Galio - 39W 38L Win Ratio 51%, Janna - 37W 20L Win Ratio 65%, Lux - 23W 25L Win Ratio 48%, Thresh - 22W 23L Win Ratio 49%
I play a lot of support, mainly Lux, Neeko and Thresh at the moment. I can switch to Mid although its been a while now. Just want someone consistent and who wont tilt or flame, Doesn't really matter what role, but I want Plat or high Gold as I'm P3 rn and don't want to outrank and not be able to play (If we can climb at all that is). English speaking, voice preferred, but I won't insist. Not looking for a team or community as my work doesn't allow the time for it. If a team doesn't mind random hours and being able to play whenever I'm available then sure. (Sub?)

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