Chat Restriction

Well I was playing a normal draft, and I noticed my messages were restricted, I'm not so angry about that but it also said my honor level was lowered and I no longer had access to free rewards, I tried thinking to myself what possible OFFENSIVE language I've used in the past, words like "idiot" and "dumbass" had come up and I believe I even used the word "%%%%%%ed" once without thinking, perhaps that's why I got the 10 game restriction, however, riot's system does not check the messages of those who choose to ban. In the specific match where I got reported, the people who reported me used language I don't think I should put on this board. They were also quite unfriendly in game as they refused to help me and tried to steal my camps (I was jungle role), it was 3 against 1 essentially, instead of using the same language or worse I decided to just be sarcastic and agree with what they were saying, it clearly aggravated them and they decided to report me, since it was 3 v 1, a single report on 3 different people, I doubt anything would have been done about it. 3 reports on one person clearly did the trick. I really do think riot needs to implement a new system in place to tackle these kinds of issues
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