LF DUO / TEAM (was plat I with 140 games this season)

Hello lovelies ! Let's make that post nice and shiort shall we ? So due to personal business and also lack of will to play the game in season 9, now that I am settled I am really looking forward reaching my peak level in season 10 ! Would love to reach high diamond if possible but apart from that I simply wish to improve, meet determined and chill buddies I could befriend with and achieve that goal all together ! Now who am I ? I am a 20 years old EU boi, yes I am fluent in English and own a good microphone for voice comms. I do main support as primary role, my best picks being Rakan, Pyke and Nami and would love to widen my champion pool and try strats wiith premades. I also play quite a good amount of jungle as a one trick master yi (yeah you can judge me). Let's play together on a regular basis ! I'll toss my discord and IGN down below, but please do answer or add me only if you're interested and dedicated to play with me regularly (we all have our lives and cares but don't make me wait 2 months to answer a dm is what I ask :p) I hope we can reach greatness together ! IGN: Golden Horizon discord: π’’π‘œπ“π’Ήπ‘’π“ƒ π»π‘œπ“‡π’Ύπ“π‘œπ“ƒ#4780

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