Preseason: 92 summoners are looking to fill 8 slots for MMR grind (Plat/Diamond Only)

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Dear Summoners{{summoner:50}}, *********************************** _Good evening and Happy fu***ng Preseason_ ************************************ Did you wake up on November 2018 feeling that next season you'll be stronger? Did you always wanted to have a **Magikarp** in your pond? Have you ever added friends more than actually pressed the button **report**? But mostly..: Do you want to have the **coolest club tag** currently on the market? (**Ω2**) ****************************** _Do you want to join a club of over 80 active members averaging 25-45 online members?_ ******************************* **Then We are right for You!** _Preseason is here and it's time to grind as high as we can for Season 9 Placements in January._ **We Want You** ********************************* If interested add me in Game. _One Rumble_ {{champion:68}} Peace out!
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