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Jo Karsha here, Searching for a Main in Platin for the last days. Recently started to play AD again and wanna continue this trend of mine, but I think this would be way more fun if I would have a solid Duo mate. If it's important to you I am 23 yo and from Germany Con/pros playin with me Pro: - Untiltable (For real it's insane how calm I can be sometimes) - open for criticism - I love long-term goals (so if something doesn't work instantly I'm fine with that) - I'm mature or I try to be XD - I'm very funny Cons: - I hate to discuss while in a game (trust me the most people still do that) - sometimes I lack focus when I play much or when I'm tired - When I have an Idea how to play the map than im too hard committed to that plan (have to work on that tho) - Basically new to AD (played it early 2017) but I'm hanging in there - I think of myself to be funny but I'm not To add something about communication here. I really think people can't properly communicate so I prefer not to talk to each other while playin until we have a strong synergy. It's just not needed and I (and probably u) just get distracted. feel free to add me
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