LF people to join my small discord community <(^.^)> Weekly events

Yo, im currently building a small discord community(we already have 80 members or something). We once were just a scrim discord group, but i just noticed that we started becoming friends slowly, and i decided to try to upgrade it to a community instead, to make our 'familly' bigger. Here are my goals for this community: -**A friendly community.** We dont care if you are challenger or iron 4 -**A community that rewards active people, but does not punish those not that much active** -**A free place with no rules except one: RESPECT! **(and maybe not hard spamming too XD) Im not the kind of people that dictates stupid rules and likes to play with the mute and the kick button. I just dont care about all that "MOD" shitstuff. Here, things are simple: You can do whatever you want, except if u are annoying someone. All the punishments will be decided by my honest judgement, based only in pure common sense. -**Not MY community. OUR COMMUNITY!** You have an interesting idea for our group? Talk to me and i will do it. I will ALWAYS accept suggestions, and i intend to make changes frequently. I want to create a comfortable place for everyone. -**For players, and for not-totally-players-at-all.** Interact in the way u prefer. Playing with people, chatting in text channels, chatting in voice channels, or even just sending memes. -**And more! ** This is the only features we have for now: -Weekly games and events (Custom 5v5 Games, Aram Nights, Movie Nights, Weekly Quiz, and more soon!) -Monthly Skin giveaway -Bots with random useless stuff(with their own channel to spam) -Music bots -Voice channels (open channel, 5v5, 3v3) -Level system -50 emotes Come join us :) https://discord.gg/pUJKGdh
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