P4 Support main / Midlane lf duo/team

Dannyfp3 - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Dannyfp3 / Platinum 4 0LP / 227W 209L Win Ratio 52% / Zilean - 52W 43L Win Ratio 55%, Galio - 39W 38L Win Ratio 51%, Janna - 37W 20L Win Ratio 65%, Lux - 23W 25L Win Ratio 48%, Thresh - 22W 23L Win Ratio 49%
Its preseason time which means the pressure is off. Now is the time for new champs, new tactics and a bit more layed back, fun gameplay. I'm looking for someone around my kind of skill level so high gold+ OR anyone who truly wants to get better and are not toxic, then I don't care what rank you are. Discord/TS preferred + English. Not really interested in any communities unless its to join and existing teams roster. Would prefer people 18+ or just mature at least. Hope to hear from you in game or on here :)

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