Anyone willing to coach me? I'm trying my best to get to gold by the end of the season.

Dexoii - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Dexoii / Silver 2 48LP / 232W 236L Win Ratio 50% / Kled - 31W 21L Win Ratio 60%, Kai'Sa - 32W 18L Win Ratio 64%, Kayn - 23W 18L Win Ratio 56%, Jax - 23W 9L Win Ratio 72%, Yasuo - 15W 10L Win Ratio 60%
Looking for someone to coach me from silver 2 to gold rn, if you coach me i will try my hardest to take what you say and put it in action. I really want to get gold this season so i can have the gold border :) Also need help on champions, i don't know if i should keep playing kai'sa and jinx as they're working so good for me right now or if i should play kayn. IGN/Discord: Dexoii/Dexoii#1180
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