Platinum 4 Mid Looking for a Friendly Team That Can Play Around My Unique Champion Pool

Hi there! I am Brandon (Or you can call me Baz), I am 20 and I am from England, I recently hit Platinum and now I am looking for an active and friendly team to join while I climb further up the ranks. **What do you need to know about me?** -My peak last season was Platinum 3 in soloQ, and Platinum 2 in flexQ -I haven't completed placements in flex yet, I haven't really had reason to since I have been playing solo the whole time, but because of this please only accept this application if your team is Plat or above in flex, **I cannot play with anyone in Gold in flexQ** -I have a very unique and peculiar champion pool for mid lane, which leads to me getting rejected from a lot of teams because I cant fit in with them -Can use Discord and can voice chat **What do I want from your team?** -A friendly group of people that are willing to be committed to improving as a team and as solo players -To be at least Platinum in flex (reason stated above), your team's solo ranks dont really bother me too much -To not be assholes to each other when we lose, bad games happen, and if your team makes a big mistake during the game it can wait until after the game to let them know how they could have improved **A few pros/cons about me** -Open to criticism -Solid micro -A fresh and unique champion pool for mid lane -Macro is somewhat lacking, I feel it is a big reason that at some point I will hit a wall, but I am doing what I can to improve it -Not going to lie, most of my champion pool are AD champions, I can only play a few AP champions **So what exactly do you play?** My top champions are Aatrox, Kha'Zix, Yasuo, Urgot, and Riven, I play a couple of ADCs (Draven and Vayne) for tankier matchups mid like Galio and Sion, Swain TF and Galio are really the only AP champions I can play solidly. If you like my post and you think my champion pool can fit around your team, dont be afraid to send me a message on the client, my IGN is Shrub, I look forward to hearing from you!

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