Ranked games and Leage in general is trash

I'm posting this from a friends account as you don't need to know what rank I am but this was my latest game: https://i.imgur.com/QHGLz2l.jpg I was the 7/1 Nidalee, the rest of the team was trash and I get games like this every other game. The reason my cs is so low is because I was playing as support though Jinx was outright feeding from the get go. Early game she was told to go back to base to recharge but she was standing in front of the turret trying to get shots at the enemy whilst she had 2% health. She obviously got killed and she would respond with a fk you. Same thing happened in a previous game with a feeding Draven in top lane, after getting to 0/3 he got tilted and said he would go feed mid lane, not to mention he flamed the team and called me the noob. I've got a feeling pro players are just super lucky and not neccesarily skilled. Downvote or upvote this game is getting boring as fk with the kind of teams I get matched with.
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