Looking for players interested in joining a Community

Hey everyone! I am part of a big multi-game community that is looking for members of any rank and skill level! We have over 1000 members and offer lots of benefits for both casual and competitive members. For competitive players, we help to organise teams and set up tournaments and leagues for teams to take part in, many of which will have RP prizes and also offer free coaching for players to improve and figure out how to climb faster. For more casual/social players, we host lots of fun social events for both league and all sorts of games. For league we often play fun custom game modes such as Ultimate Bravery or just host events for people to come meet others and play normals, flex or duoq together. As well as that, our TeamSpeak server is always active and you can always find a few people to just chat or play with! If you are interested in joining this community feel free to add me on League (TsukiSora) or Discord (TsukiSora#6656) and feel free to ask me any questions there! Thanks! :D

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