Arctic Dawn Gaming looking for a competitive team for EUW Premier Tour and more!

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Who are we: Arctic Dawn Gaming is a gaming community that stretches over a handful of games. We are looking at developing and growing an eSports section of the community and we are starting with League of Legends. Our goals: Challenger series or higher! How we plan to achieve this: Making a competitive team is hard work and it starts slowly. Players need a reason to stay committed to their team to make this happen. I have an nine figure (£) investor who wants to put his foot in the door of the eSports scene. If I build a team and demonstrate to him that it can be successful, he will invest in it. Step 1 - Build a team that is regularly available and willing to train hard. Preferably a second team for subs and scrims. Players in the second team can compete for placements in the first team. Step 2 - Compete in EUW Battlegrounds with a goal of getting top 8 in the Premier Tour to win entry to the REAL Premier Tour. The tournaments matches are played online but the final is LAN before a live audience. Step 3 - Once step 2 is achieved, started winning prize money by being in at least the top half of the competition. Step 4 - Approach potential sponsors, receive support from investor. Step 5 - Start coming first in the Premier Tour to gain entry to Master series and beyond! Who we are looking for: ADG is happy to receive anyone in its community so if you want to check us out, click the link! However, the eSports team is specifically looking for players who are minimum Diamond 3, preferably higher. We are also looking for a coach with the same rank requirements (however, we will consider a coach application based on experience in coaching irrespective of rank). We have already accepted one Support player onto the team and have five more players doing tryouts, four of which are for bot lane. At the moment, we mainly need applicants for Top, Mid and Jungle but are still willing to accept additional applicants for bot lane. How to apply: Click the link above and ask to speak to [ADG] Azrael Jiraco or Arvinmano. I am willing to answer any questions. We look forward to receiving your application! Azrael Jiraco

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