Dia+ Jungler (TOP 16 Junglers in France) LFT team offers High Dia/Low Master [EUW]

SapphireNocturne - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
SapphireNocturne / Diamond 4 87LP / 127W 131L Win Ratio 49% / Kayn - 56W 52L Win Ratio 52%, Nocturne - 48W 39L Win Ratio 55%, Karthus - 22W 16L Win Ratio 58%, Xin Zhao - 13W 20L Win Ratio 39%, Ivern - 16W 11L Win Ratio 59%
Hi, I'm **SapphireNocturne** on EUW and I've been playing league for 6 years now as a Jungler since S3. As a Former One Trick Nocturne and Former Rank 1 Nocturne in the world in Season 7 I'm looking for a team. Peaked Master tier in early Season 7. Currently 21 right now and having a part time job looking for a serious team who practices almost every night in scrims, tournaments. Bilingual French English fluent speaker. Having played recently the "Open tour" which is a french tournament grouping all best french teams outside of the pro scene, my team ended up in the top 16 teams. **Pros:** -Very High experience in team and teamplay (Approx 1 year in total over the course of 3 seasons) -Decent champion pool fitting the current meta: [[ Nocturne Kayn Xin Zhao Karthus Ivern Rek'Sai Jarvan IV Nunu Elise ]] {{champion:56}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:60}} -Experience as Coach for a High Diamond/Master tier Team. -High Dedication and looking to go Pro at some point as Jungler. -Often target banned in drafts resulting in team to get their priority picks. -Able to take in constructive feedback. -Available 7 nights a week putting priority on league and the team. -Ability to draft comps and do draft phase accordingly. - Slightly in touch with one of the best French Junglers "LNY Chap" **Cons:** - High expectations of the team - Somewhat low elo in soloQ right now (Which I will work on post Ranked Reset)(Also due to not playing between early season 7 till preseason 9) - Currently Diamond 4 in SoloQ. (Could still be d1 if elositting like 99%) (I will repost this when I climb myself back to d2+) - Currently Diamond 4 in FlexQ. - No toleration for Bullshitters. Pm me on Discord for offers: " Furtif k || SapphireNocturne#9755 " Looking for tryout. Don't try adding me directly on league, maxed out friend requests.

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