Looking to create a team for FUN and possibly CLASH

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, {{sticker:vlad-salute}} I am trying to find like-minded people, who play at or around my "weird" time. I am doing this in the hope that we can support each other in reaching our goals next season. Playing in a group of 3+ is always more fun with better communication, preparation and, therefore, a higher win rate. Clash is something I would like to try as well. From what I understand, it will probably be starting at 18:00PM (GMT) on Fridays and weekends (when it is actually released). Most of the time, on Friday and during the weekend, I have no problem attending and it would be great if you guys could do it too. But overall, no obligations, just good fun. I do have some requirements, but they are placed so that everyone can be more or less on the same page and feel like they fit in the team. Requirements: 1. age: 18+ 2. high silver/gold ELO 3. Play Time **(GMT) 12:00PM - 16:00PM and/or 2:00AM - 6:00AM** - Not obligatory, but it is the time I will most likely be on and we can actually play. 4. Having a mic is a must (either league voice or discord) 5. Be able to speak English. 6. Keep emotions in control. Frustration is ok, but whining about poor performance is not. I will be playing support, secondary top. As people add me and we play with each other, I will be updating my post with available positions. Available positions: 1. ADC - taken 2. MID - taken 3. TOP - taken 4. JUNGLE - taken Sub (for clash) - free spot If interested, add me ingame: Yukovskite {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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