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Hey there, our very active and organized community is looking for some league players to grow their ranks. We offer a solid structure, good and regular activity,opportunity for growth and fun in good company :P . Even if u play different games then league u will find somebody to play with. And even if u still gotta train ur english ,u will find a place with us(after all practice teaches best). Ambitious people will find a community that has more to offer and for those who just wanna have a good time, there is a lot going on. From regular league games, community events and social games, u will find something that suits u. Wanna train and learn how to coach? Wanna lead a team and get some training for leadership?Wanna be part of a team with regular training times?Wanna be creative and join our network of creators?Wanna have fun and play around? There's a place for u with us ;) And if u wanna know more , feel free to add me ingame and we can chat on voice =)

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