: i Realy dont get it. Why would you play anything but Lux and Diana. you have so good winnrates on them.
I really wanted an change xD ... I got boored .. but i think i have to sacrifice for a higher elo .
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SpikeOnez (EUW)
: Find a funny/cool name for me :D
4 Akashi (EUNE)
: Upcoming Balance Changes
Hello , OK i feel you ... I don't get it .. soon we will play only Tank's mid top bot .. Let me tell some examples from Plat V elo .. Garen getting fed top then our adc... can't do nothing one Q and and half of E kills him ... Or let's say you have an.. maokai top who just farmed... once u are in a team fight he is unkillable... Is kinda sad see this game becoming an tank game ... i hope they will balance the game soon beccause squishy heroes has no chance vs tanks.. Best of luck in field of Justice Ãrthas
: league is not fun anymore
Hello, Don't quit man :D... I know this game is damn hard but you have to fight for what you like . One day you will get what you want if you keep fighting . So try it again is my advice :D. Best of luck in field of Justice Ãrthas
: Aatrox was only planned for a gameplay update, but the reason why they are giving him new visuals is because his updated abilities didn't match what he currently looks like. While it's not going to be a massive VGU, they are going to make some changes to his model. You aren't wrong about Varus. He should be getting a VO update, supposedly during the Darkin Lore update which should be taking place after Aatrox rework release I assume.
Good you've maked ur homework :D.
: Legit kills.
Hello, So how can i tell you this ... When you get into game mute ur ADC or wait until he flames and them mute him and then after the game report him for flaming :D... Trust me if you explain them... they will not listen if he is a flamer all he can see is that u steal a kill... they don't think they only like to blame people for their mistakes... So calm down man .. just ignore them :D... Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrthas
: Delete Yasuo and Riven (Petition)
Hello, I see alot of people at least on Eu ne are complaining about "YASUO" .. My thoughts are that he need's an rework ... because he is so hard to play and .. he is so cool looking and that leads all players to like playn him ... at least if they got an skin .. I hope they will do somethig about all players playng yasuo ... But you can't stop them from picking him only if you ban him in ranked.. But if you ban him you get trolled by them.. 90% of yasuo players are trollers sadly... and unskilled . You can still get someone skilled . My thougts about deleting them ? = No because riot will never delete an champion :D... Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrthas
Atlas (EUNE)
: Brother.
Where have u been? all this years {{champion:119}}
: Elo Booster Player bots?
Hi , This looks bad.. i mean boosters are a problem.. but a spam bot about boosting in actual client is terible .. i hope they will make some action against this bots . :D
: so im just supposed to accept losing 6 lp and a 30 min restriction because of a "bug" i didnt know about? this has never ever happened before.
I don't think anyone will give you those 6lp ... If is a Bug maybe in the next patch will be fixed :D... It was ur bad luck i guess.. i know is fustrating but nothing is perfect.
Naniup (EUW)
: Ranked is weird..
Hello , So .. the matchmaking is a serious .. trouble in this day's i see alot of people complaining about trolls.. okey first of all the matchmaking system can't read ur mind if you say ill troll this game.. is just a random pick based by mmr :D... So is ur luck if you get in whit trollers or vs trollers ! What you can do.. is report them after the match whit a good poem written in report box :D. ! Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrtha
: Can we praise Riot for giving an amazing buff to the saddest mummy in the world? [PBE]
Hello , What's the point of this post ? Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrtha
: bug in champ select. @riotembo
Hello , That is not a bug i experienced myself that "bug" is a problem called aplication freeze that means if your client haven't been reseted from a long time in starts to freeze .. I recomend after 5-6 games just log out and log in in the client ! Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrthas
: Please ban this person.
** Just... report him after the match and yea like the Senior said.... u should mute them ! Best of luck of field of Justice Ãrthas**


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