: If you're "stuck" with "low level plays", it means you're not good enough to climb. If you'd buy, let's say, plat account, you'd just get flamed 'cause you're obviously boosted. Also, bought accounts get easily found out when the situation is this: player gets to plat unreasonably fast. Suddenly, they'll go on a losing streak that just continues and continues. You'd eventually drop back to where you belong, unless you'll get detected for bought account.
Getting Smurf doesn't mean boost so pls read before u write ;D I won't pay for an plat acc tho xD
: Don't buy accounts, it's against the rules and it will be most certainly banned within a month or two. Just level an account in 3v3 bot games with double xp, takes a day or two if you commit to it.
It's cheaper to buy an acc and some friends got accounts for years and also they re diamond or plat so how are they banned ?..
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: Riot's banning system is interesting.
If they were from countries like Poland/Turkey/CZ then riot might leave them go because mostly they don't know what they write , I mean those people tell u ur %%%% or some words like the ones above in your post and riot actually bans u if u tell them something like "shut up ur useless anw" they don't ban them for saying %%%% but ban u for useless word.. why did I mention the countries up there ? Because I see mostly players who write in those languages and who flame in their language and then English and then also int for some reason.. the system needs a change for some countries if they really want players to improve from toxic toxic to good behavior (who daduq can reform while some players flame and have levels like 200+ that means no one will ban em.. had one kha in team who basically ran for kills and 0 defend we worked hard to keep his es in game and then after he told me "STFU %%%%" because I was telling him to come in teamfight , I said "w/e u probably don't understand anything in English " and they banned me for racism , I don't get it how that was racist at all)
RallerenP (EUW)
: As much as Riot believe in reforming, they also know from experience that people generally don't reform if they are still toxic after a 14 day ban. No amount of punishments is going to make them behave. Also, banning random players with an ID ban is impossible. It's only possible for popular players because they reveal their accounts themselves. Any random person can't have their accounts reliably tracked, and any tracking would certainly end up affecting innocent players. Finally, Riot doesn't do infinite chat bans because they know that players will just begin trolling. Since trolling is alot harder to catch, it's not worth the risk. And as stated earlier, people generally don't reform if they haven't reformed after a 14 day ban.
What if you get banned for no reason but you can't prove it so they just take your account ? It's not something that happens many times but what if that happen ?
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: You are making things up now. Riot doesn't pardon old permabanned accounts. They had a test few months ago on NA where they unbanned a number of permabanned accounts if the players asked for it via support ticket but that was just a test. EUW doesn't have that luxury yet and likely never will.
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