Aelfnir (EUW)
: What to chose with Draaaveeennnn
Depends whether you attack your opponents continuously or not. Fury if yes, Sorcery if no.
xTheMaker (EUNE)
: Astrounaut Jarvan IV!
I like it. Some ideas for Golden Aegis and Cataclysm. For Golden Aegis, the pattern created could be similar to space sail's or something of that sort. With golden, reflective (or just shiny) surface. For Cataclysm, with the zero gravity theme, there could be thrusters in J4's suit, which would propel him forcefully to the ground when he leaps. (Since the animation of R is rather fast). Dunno if this was suggested already, or if you thought about it yourself, but thought I'd share it anyways.
: how long does it take for kalista to get enough stacks on the red lizard to oneshot baron?
Okay, if my math checks out... In the scenario, where you'll hit the Baron Nashor with Pierce+Rend (both at max rank) combo upon its initial spawn (within the time frame of 20:00-20:59), with maximum Rend stacks (which appears to be 254 (-1 factoring in the Pierce)), you'll need 176 attack damage in total, if you don't have any armor penetration. As for how long does it take? Depends. With max attack speed (and the above), something around 1:45, assuming all goes swimmingly.
: Someone says yes and someone says no LoL
It doesn't stack.
: These are some really nice plays, keep it up! Gotta love your game changing ults, what exactly is the combo for this?
Arise! (W) Shifting Sands (E) Conquering Sands (Q) (While still traveling with E, basically right after casting Shifting Sands) (Insert Flash here, if needed) Emperor's Divide (R)
Malzahar as the emperor. When he ults you: "Unlimited POWER!" The Voidlings can be droids.
Scandee (EUW)
: Ultra Rapid Fire/One For All combo??
There are few issues with it. People will most likely abuse, like in both modes on their own, champions that have obvious strengths in these modes. -Champions with long range poke, such as Nidalee, Ziggs and Jayce. You get blasted down without a chance to retaliate. -Champions with long lasting and area of effect crowd control or knock ups, such as Alistar, Zilean and Blitzcrank. You get chain disabled, and watch hopelessly as you die. -Champions that are almost invulnerable or have mobilty, such as Vladimir, Fizz and Shaco. You have so small windows of opportunity to do anything, it is just frustrating. -Minion or trap champions, such as Zyra, Teemo and Yorick. It is pretty much the same deal as with poke champions. -Buffing champions, well not sure how they'd fare against the above, but I'd imagine champions like Lulu would just be too tanky to do anything against with the constant shields and health buffs. Think it would be a bad game mode overall, as all champions might be too crazy as a quintet team. But this is only a hypothesis.
: [Suggestion] Extra effect for Nautilus' W
What if instead, while Titan's Wrath (W) shield persists, Staggering Blow's (Passive) reapplying cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds (on individual targets). It might need some gimmick, since you can apply the Staggering Blow before you activate your shield, which you can use as an auto attack reset, the passive would be wasted on the intended target, if you like to use the auto reset. I'd also change Titan's Wrath's mana cost to 60/65/70/75/80, instead of 80 at all ranks.
SacredLie (EUNE)
: You realize how lost the community is
In internet, no one can hear you compliment.
: Let's talk about Essence Reaver!
I agree with you that the item is a bit overtuned. I'd change the passives slightly however: Unique Passive: Gain +2% Cooldown Reduction(+1% per 2.5% Critical Strike Chance), up to maximum of +20% Cooldown Reduction. _So you'll get 10% CDR initially, as you'll get the same amount from Caulfield's Warhammer component already. (Max point would be at 45% CSC, so you can go for the max with 50%, settle for 18% with 40% CSC, or gimmick the last missing CDR with crit runes or what have you.)_ Unique Passive: Critical strikes restore 5% of your maximum Mana pool (can occur up to 2 times every 10 (or 8) seconds). (Could be 3 times every 12/15 seconds.) _Since critical strikes are rather random occurrences, it'd be a bit more consistent to have some room, in case you get unlucky, or don't have targets around._
Draqone (EUW)
I know right. Once and if you get Runaan's and that's all she has to say. The joke got old quick Riot. Please take it down. Otherwise I'm forced to play Caitlyn with muted voice. :|
crusherming (EUNE)
: Thornmail
Thornmail can be played around with a few ways. Magic resistance and/or life steal helps reduce the damage of Thornmail, and armor penetration and/or -reduction helps you deal more damage, killing the holder faster. Going with plain damage, attack speed and critical strikes will result in utter destruction. Ideally, delegate destroying of heavily armored tanks with Thornmail to ability- and magic damage dealers instead.
Axemane (EUW)
: I just got gold with 3v3 with my team So i will get the border? even if i am Silver 5 in Solo/duo Q
I think so, if you have played enough games with the team, like I mentioned in the previous post. You should get the border based on the highest of your rankings overall.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Can we have a Farmer Nasus skin now?
Ah yes. -Blue Suspender(strap)jeans (dunno what they're called exactly) -A hoe (/Mattock) -Strawhat -Wellies
: > [{quoted}](name=Maiziea,realm=EUW,application-id=EcLQbP23,discussion-id=RNT0GqAG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-11T01:55:25.835+0000) > > Only first and second of each group go through. Ok and CLG played their last game right?
: [Bug?]Weird Armor and Magic Resist behavior circling through specific values
It's most likely caused by "Adaptive Armor" mastery. Once you reach a close to one another bonus armor and magic resistance values, say, 100 bonus armor and 97 bonus magic resistance, the mastery grants you 4% of the bonus armor as magic resistance, making your bonus magic resistance the higher one, with 101, which then becomes the higher value, and so on, repeating the cycle over and over. None the less, it ought to be fixed.
: This is the best worlds yet.
Have to agree. So far every match has surprised me in some way. Outcomes are unknown, so it's exciting to watch. It's not necessarily the most balanced patch to compete in, seeing the few juggernauts being constantly pick or ban, so a minus for that, but it's nice to see some different strategies, champions and chances being taken. Also, the changes being made regarding the LCS (e.g. notifications for matches in client) was a welcomed addition in my opinion. Hopefully matches get even more climactic towards the finals.
Axemane (EUW)
: Do i get gold season rewards if my team is Gold?
Don't take my word for it, but I think you have to contribute to the team's matches to be eligible to get the rewards. Think it was 5 or 10 games that you have to play in the team.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Again? Victorious Draven every year, jesus... is there no one who can beat this man?
Well, what you gonna do. You're Draven, I'm Draven, we are all Draven. Welcome to the League of Draven.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Almost x) Didn't they get a vu at some point? Or is that Long gone now? :s I don't even know. ^^'
Well they had texture update... don't quite remember, 6 months ago? and ... E and R got updated visual effects quite recently.
Eveninn (EUW)
: "Character": "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." nah, just kidding. I can totally see what you mean, only that... was it Wullub? Wallub? something like that, isn't that cute. :s
Nunu's yeti is called Willump. It's better to have some contrast with the duo. Besides, that laugh is adorable. They ought to be reworked though. Their visuals and kit is antiquated to say the least. Been working on the idea myself a bit actually.
: {{champion:111}} he's a god
Better yet. A titan. But yeah, he's my favorite. While not being that complex or flashy, landing that max range Dredge Line on a squishy and dragging it to its inevitable pummeling of doom is so satisfying. And leading the charge against the enemy team is pretty epic feeling. Played right, you know you've made a difference in the fight. I like his character as well. Big, gloomy, mysterious diving suit being, wielding a freaking anchor. Then you make a big splash while others watch in awe, and vanish to the depths once more. His quotes are also great.
: Why is the rune combiener gone? :(
Would like to see the whole rune system renewed.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Why do people keep saying "she" when talking about Kindred?
Initially I thought Fizz was female. Then again, he is one for Koreans. :3
: Fiora's W cannot block Viktors stun.
That is until the target reaches 3 stacks. Riposte grants Fiora immunity for the Parrying phase and doesn't block upcoming instances of debuffs or damage. It's sort of like Intervention and Black Shield on her for the 0.75 seconds, excluding the exceptions.
Tenra (EUW)
: Replace a word in any champion quote with 'anus'
{{champion:111}} "Beware the anus." "I will have anus." "You are in the deep anus now!" (eh...) "Peer into the anus." "Do you hear anus calling?" "Find the anus." "The anus ebbs." "Left to anus." "Anus will pay." "The endless anus." "Anus will not rest." "Fear the ocean's anus." "Sometimes I think this anus just weighs me down." They ain't that good, but most of champion quotes can be altered quite nicely. {{champion:104}} "I like my anuses two ways: Dead, or about to be." "Anus ain't got time to bleed." "Like fish in an anus." (probably went too far with this one... though the thread itself is the same deal...)
Mada (EUW)
: unique passive: cooldown reduction does stack
Cooldown reduction can be considered a basic stat, but to avoid abuse it has been implemented as a unique passive to most items. There are exceptions, where the CDR is classified as item's basic stats - usually on items that generally have unique passives that make purchasing duplicates of the item redundant. Unique passive CDR from a same item duplicate doesn't stack (e.g. 2 Glacial Shrouds grant only +10% CDR), while unique passive CDR from different items (e.g. Kindlegem and Glacial Shroud (+20% CDR)) does.
: How OP was Lucian?
On release, Lucian was fun enough viewed as quite lousy ADC by many. Once they got to know his capabilities he became quite popular. His E used to remove slowing abilities, and included effects (e.g. Nasus' Wither was completely removed). W used to have bonus AD ratio of 0.3-0.6. Q used to have longer range, deal more damage and be wider. Then came the phase where his attack range was tackled, reduced from 550 to 500 (Along with the Q's cast range). This was compensated with quality of life fixes to his passive, reductions to his mana costs (free E and lower cost Q) and the Relentless Pursuit received the Lightslinger - CDR effect. This made his CDR builds a bit crazy,( which I personally didn't mind that much since I liked building him as caster anyways, though it felt bad to have a free mobility spell, which kinda killed the champion for me for some time). He had a free mobility spell that had very short cooldown and it still removed slowing effects. He could kite melee champions for days. The E stayed completely free of cost for quite a few patches, although the slow removing effect was removed from it the next patch.
: its an execute that does splash damage scaling off the target hit totaly different to an aoe execute :P
What are you talking about? The damage scales from the distance the rocket travels and on the missing health of each target individually. So ye, it is an area of effect execution ability. So is Quinn's ultimate.
Eeten (EUW)
: If you could delete 1 Champion forever from this Game, which one would it be, and why ?
{{champion:421}} I'd probably pick Rek'Sai. I don't hate her, I simply think that her release was redundant. Her kit could have been used on Skarner's rework instead, for its thematic fitness. There are relatively antiquated or not so balanced kits on some of the older champions, and newer, innovative abilities/kits could be used to rejuvenate them, if they are fitting, instead of spewing out new champions.
: Coaching and duoq on smurfs. Is it legal?
Coaching and duoing is fine. ELO/MMR boosting - where you play on someone else's account for them - is not.
Frostflare (EUNE)
: Braum can get his mustache, BUT GRAVES CAN'T GET HIS CIGAR
ReaperAD (EUW)
: Null-Magic Mantle>Aegis Of The Legion and Magic Resist as a whole
Resistances are getting tuned in (possibly) the next patch, where armor values are lowered a bit on some items, while magic resistance items gain slight increases. As for your topic, AotL is an aura item, that is also applied to you, so you don't lose magic resistance when you buy it. Whether it has too much or too little MR, an aura item is bound to have lower cost efficiency for its purchaser, but offers great efficiency with team around you. AotL appears to be nerfed a bit in the next patch.
Mithos (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Reworking Sated Devourer.
How about changing the Satiation to allow the on-hit damage of the item to critically strike. > **Devourer ** > **Stats** > +50% attack speed > **Passive ** > Unique: Basic attacks deal 25 bonus magic damage on hit. > Unique - Devouring Spirit: Takedowns (kills or assists) will grant _Devourer_ stacks, increasing on-hit magic damage by +1. > Takedowns on: > ● Large monsters and champions grant 1 stack. > ● Rift Scuttlers grant 2 stacks. > ● Dragon, Baron Nashor and Vilemaw grant 5 stacks. > > Transforms into** Sated Devourer** at 25 _Devourer_ stacks. It ain't too inspiring, but it has value with lower power ceiling, while keeping the crazy on-hit effects in line. > **Sated Devourer** > **Stats** > +50% attack speed > **Passive** Unique: Basic attacks deal 50 bonus magic damage on hit. This damage can critically strike.
WhySoMadBro (EUNE)
: Ping 11000 from finland
Yeah. Same issue here. Ping suddenly runs between 3000-11000.
BebsiCowla (EUNE)
: Kassadin Rework Ideas
One of Kassadin's issues is, and has always been, his damage appliance (ability mechanics). He can perform his spell rotation in 0.5 seconds, leaving little to no time to react. His spells are reliable, being either targeted or practically instantaneous AoE skill shots, making them almost impossible to dodge. If you give him more damage, he will become an insta-gibber (earlier) with no time to react/counter play, like he has been in the past.
: lololololololo didn't see that coming :DDDD
Ezreal did... Yeaaaahh... Whooooooo.... I'll just go.
: You wake... Only to realise you're a Riot Employee.
Present champ development teams with my rework ideas. :-)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It should work, the reason could be that you don't see it is because if lcs didnt do it it's unlikly that soloq will try it.
I've tried it a few times. Not that big of a Vayne player, but I think Trinity Force synergizes with her kit nicely. It gives her Tumble nice damage and makes her pretty darn fast chasing and kiting.
: Tower Suggestion!
How I think towers could be changed, is the mixed damage (the idea has been presented before). Making the shots deal 50/50 physical/magic damage. Harder to itemize against, and wouldn't make armor heavy teams better over magic resist heavy teams.
: A bad lol joke ! WARNING!
: Why does Riven's shield scale with AD?
Suppose it's to do that Riven is expected to be built as damage heavy champion, so Valor is her "only" defense. I don't personally mind it scaling off of AD.
: Why is it that everyone says that EU West is harder than EUNE?
Don't know. I've had pretty similar experiences on both sides.
Verdo (EUW)
: Soraka E bug
Yes. Can confirm this. Have preplaced the Equinox under Ezreal reviving from Guardian Angel, but he could still use Flash. Another instance was, when Fizz was walking on the Equinox, but still used his Playful/Trickster, and Renekton using his Slice and Dice out of the E.
: The Last Champ You Played Is Out To Kill You.... How Screwed Are You?
Smetn (EUW)
: Featured mode idea
And then you get a team full of healers and shielders with no damage. :P
Travingel (EUW)
: i play support a lot but have no clue where to ward, when i ask someone to teach me they just say ''go youtube it bronze scrub'' and i cant be arsed, im asking YOU to teach me not some guy on youtube. the community should teach not complain Here's a pretty good one. You can see general locations for both, Stealth and Vision Wards. Vision Wards are usually best in places where opponents don't pass through or check so often (such as the small brushes near Dragon and Baron), in your jungle buffs to warn for steal attempts or places where you can defend them and which put enemies out of position, such as your side brushes in the river, or the "tribrushes". There they can last for quite some time and be worth more than Stealth Wards. Stealth Wards are generally good for all the brushes where you think they are efficient. You can also place wards into middle of the lanes when laning phase is over, to give better idea of enemies positioning in team fights and to give you idea if someone is out of position. That probably doesn't cover all, but hope it's helpful.
: for me its{{champion:107}} he is so fluffy im gonna die :D
Not blaming you. He has the tendency to take your heart.
: Aegis of the Legion Build Path Revist
I don't see why not. Crystalline Bracer could smoothen the power curve of Aegis a bit and indeed, free the slot.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
Or blow him away. {{champion:40}} The well timed Q puts his "surprise mothafuka" leap to a stop. If it didn't do the trick, press R.
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