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Xaladon (EUW)
: I'm a guy!
That's what I meant btw >.> nothing offensive here
Xaladon (EUW)
: Have you seen my post on the fanmade Project: Quinn? Also.. I think I might have a pic of my shirt... If I do I'm adding it to this post. (BRB) Edit: Added.
I did see it but I didn't know it was you :D Thx for such a nice concept to share with :-) & that shirt is really cute !! :D I'm guy but I'll still wear it tho :D
Xaladon (EUW)
: Vi is one of my favorite champs (I own a Neon Strike Vi T-Shirt that I wear as much as possible), though I wouldn't be extremely hyped for these 2 skins. Jade Fang looks nice, simply not my cup of tea. Full Metal Vi I find a bit too streamlined. Vi is a rough champion and this skin just doesn't seem to do her right. The idea is cool, though even if the skin were fine tuned a bit, you'd still have Neon Strike, which is fairly similar. Full Metal also wouldn't really contain the lighting on the armor, so it would edge more towards a 'Project: Vi' title. I do think it's bad ass though.
Project *Any Champion* would be a bad ass !! :D & 1 more thing .. I love your T-Shirt :D
Abracalyn (EUW)
: Love all 3 (Might help that Vi is my main) Though I do think FullMetal could do with some changing, it's a nice concept but imo it looks too much like Jayce's skin. Cool stuff though :)
TBadger (EUW)
: First one seems a bit plane and boring to me (imo), jade fang vi looks pretty good though. Vi-king one (also in this discussion) looks pretty good, I'd like to see a less tech savvy Vi, with a more primitive kit.
That's a new point of view ... & I like it , I think enough with the high tech Vi and let's go mid-ages :D
Falbindan (EUW)
: Nice skin ideas! But the most amazing fanart for a Vi skin is still Vi-king (a woad themed one).
WoW that's just amazingly awesome !! Could main her for this skin xD *just kiddin' hate this kind of people >.>*
: I can't find that link :(
It's right under the "End Of The Game Stats"
: I can't find that link :(
: Masteries & Runes
*Well of course they'ren't enough but that's the thing ... you have to handle it :/ like I made 19 Mastery pages and left 1 for special champs that non of the 19 works well with and I just make it at the selection time I want some more pages but I think if they stayed the same it won't be that much of a problem !! *
: I'm looking for something like this:
Well ... That's easy :D just click on the match and get to the bottom of the page and you`ll see a link called "Player Builds and Game Analysis" hit it and you'll find the exact link you're looking for ;)
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: Match history LCS
Here is a Link for the 1st week of the LCS and just hit the arrow button to check the next week and so on : Hope I helped :-)
Supp (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] What if Ward skins could "rotate" in one game
well .. well ... that's kinda good !! :D *Perfecto*


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