: 15min mark lagg/bug/crash
I have same issues , every single midgame something happens and its like im playing with high ping, but ecerything else is normal, scoreboard is stuck for few secs, cant normaly cast my abilities, and also started few days ago.. Hope they will fix it before ranked season start :)
: i know how u feel man, when i started the game i did find alot of friends to play with, but now everybody i played with doesnt play anymore and the people i have in my friendslist i dont recognize. i now play for about 2 years solo and sometimes get a premade for like 1 or 2 games because i performed good and they wanted to play again, but the same people will just stop playing with you if you performed badly.
exactly my thoughts, its hard to keep people to play for a longer period of time.. i had exact same situations, 2-3 games and after that nothing more :S
GreenFearX (EUNE)
: I find your post to be a bit odd, i'm looking for people to play with too though, so that's why i'm replying. If you're not a rager/flamer i'd be glad to play with you. I'm silver 3 atm and focusing on ranked.
nope, i never flame or rage, if i or someone else is having bad game so what, its not the end of the world.. :D
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Dracogen (EUNE)
: I see that might be an issue, but again there are very very few boosters compared to real players. When a boosted player gets to a division that is way out of his league he will underperform himself out of there. The reason I posted this is because I got very frustrated with the afkers I've got recently in my games and I began thinking what could be done so that these AFK people cannot do any harm to the players who are there to play and trying to win.
you will still have slighty more games with afk on the other team, so its basicaly better for us to have afk. imagine this situation, whole server is made up from 100 players, and imagine that 1 is always rage quiting. our game is made of ten players, and in lets say most of the cases we will play normal 5 v 5, but in case when that player ends up in our game it has more chance to get on the enemy team (4 places on your team, 5 on the enemy team, assuming you are not the rage quit player :D) you should just do your best not to tilt yourself or anybody on your team, basicaly just to play the best that you can and when you have afk just not to take to much to your hearth, because we will always thing that the afk is always on our team, but we never count how many times he was on the other one. :)
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Hiro (EUNE)
: Watch and earn mission - doesn't work
i had the same issue, and i just changed my browser and then it worked :)
: you can just put on Vods and mute them. Gotta be one at a time though, as far as I know. It should be enough to let them run for 15 minutes each. The rewards are the "On Duty Icon" for the 30 games, and the "World Champion Minions Icon" for 50 games.
thank you mate, didnt know about this 2 missions :)
: There's secret missions for watching 30/50 worlds games. If you didn't do those then that's why Llama (and I) were at 29 and you weren't
what is the reward for that mission? can i just put the vods in background and try to finish it now or did that mission expired?
Restalious (EUNE)
: Pick em, watch and earn and every single of the other ones.
did all of them mate :)
senjova (EUW)
: Same with me i went from 25 to 20 completed! btw how did you guys get 27 allready? I did all of the missions that appeared so far :o
i really dont know, I did them all too :S
Restalious (EUNE)
: 28-29
that's another thing to discuss, because i'm here every day and i did every single mission, so how can you have more missions done then :/
Restalious (EUNE)
: Same here! 24/35 for me!
how much missions completed you had before that happened?
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: >K/DA: November 3, 2018 at 3:00 a.m. PT – November 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT I don't know how you can miss that. It's a large bolded headline.
sorry mate, I was just looking at the missions link in FAQ :(
: Your link doesn't work. > it has one more line of missions called K/DA after worlds end Well worlds hasn't ended yet so that could explain a lot. We are only done with the group stage. Next is quarterfinals, then semifinals and then finals. Worlds still lasts for a few weeks.
I know that worlds aren't over but if they have it under worlds mission on their site, why doesn't we have it here, or maybe we wont have it at all? Just wondering is it possible to have different missions and loot on different servers? EDIT: link corrected, everything working now
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