: I think I know what's happening here: Zoe: From what I can gather, she has Lich Bane. And she's hitting a sleeping target. I'm assuming what happened is that Lich Bane procced, then her passive, then the damage from her E, which would account for why it looks like it procced when they were above 50%. Jhin: Similarly, I would assume you had Rapidfire Cannon? I think, for all intents and purposes, it procced after the initial damage, so would have popped DH.
Looks like it might be the case, even so, it's slightly misleading.
: Are you sure there were no dots involved? If you have for example Liandry's or Scorch? As far as I'm concerned, those can also proc Dark Harvest, let's say you bring your opponent to 40% hp from 70% with 1 shot, and then Scorch immediately deals a small tick of damage which procs Dark Harvest.
No dot involved, I don't play scorch on Jhin, and Zoe doesn't have dot items or scorch either.
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