: Season 10 is a joke
Man stop making QQ threads and either play or quit and take a break. Seriously you made the same thread yesterday nothing changed from 1 day ago
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: I think is one of the few adc viable right now.Thats why.Most adc are useless at the moment.And because soon {{item:3095}} will be nerfed {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} will once more fall.And we start to see mages bot more often. But for now until the nerf he is pretty ok.His passive movement speed is very good to kite too.
Adcs are definetetly not useless at the moment. You can watch my latest game in replay to see a 14/1 Lucian.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Why people play Jhin soo much?
He had a golden age... Season 8 ... one of the few playable adcs back then. Insane move speed.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I love league of Legends, I hate league of legends
When someone gets salty over something it means they like it. Otherwise people wouldn't give two flying faks. People who quit a habbit do it quietly and not with 10 page posts how their habbit / hobby sucks.
: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
As long as i remember this game it's always been like this. People trolled and it was even worse in the older days like Season 1 since there were no punishments then. I still remember an annie telling me "Riot cant ban me, i bought a skin noob!" God bless his soul, havent' seen him since then and its been 10 years. I found it funny
: so yas and fizz must also be mistakes then
yasuo is a skill based champion as annoying as he is. Fizz has certainly more skill involved than Yuumi. The mere fact that you dont need to position with Yuumi at all removes a lot of skill. Positioning is a skill you cultivate by playing and it's different foor each champion and role. Like you need to be in different positions when playing soraka and when playing vayne or malphite
Radu Dan (EUNE)
: League of legends is not fun anymore
You play for 7 years. Believe it or not the game was almost as toxic as it is now 10 years ago. The only difference is that now the first years charm has worn off for you and after seeing the same thing over and over again you get increasingly more frustrated. I play for 10 years and let me tell you that i saw people buy x9 items to troll or afk even before seasons were a thing. I was also there for the Tribunal and it was a shitshow with people voting for whatever or pardoning trolls. Classic example i still remember someone picked Mundo, spammed "i am gay" in chat then left making the game 4 vs 5 and as funny as it sounds if this happened now people would rage. I bet you 100 dollars that even if you played in season 3 that you started with a modded client you would still find the game frustrating. Now don't get me wrong i personally want what most people ask for which is toning down damage and making a League Classic meta but league hasnt changed all that much in terms of toxicity and frustration, just how the game plays.
: stop being rude to bronze players
Even if a diamond player plays champions they suck at they will probably be gold or plat. Game knowledge doesnt go away even if you suck at your champion
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
> [{quoted}](name=Kaluchii,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cN9JXEEG,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-13T17:36:03.986+0000) > > I have been playing league ever since season one, and right now I have the least amount of fun and for one reason only. Coinflip. > We all know this term, it's a negative term for sure which is being used often in order to lower team morale or just trashtalk your teammates. > However, I have never experienced games this unbalance in the last 10 years. I never make rant posts because I do not like to rant about stuff that much but this time it has gone too far. > > I play on my highest mmr acc which is D2 soft reset p4 and I can't believe the people I am being queued up with. Every game there is at least 1 person that decides to go 0-10 +- which makes games super hard to carry but above all super tilting and certainly not fun. > > There is only 1 logical explanation for this since my performance hasn't changed within 1 day from preseason to start of the season. Matchmaking. > I wanted my voice to be heard by the developers as well since I and many of my friends who are experiencing the same thing are eager to stop and look for an alternative game. Welcome to the league of smurfs. That's how i feel when a D2 like you decide to smurf in my platinum / gold game. I have to try 110% if i want to carry my game. I hope you're having fun.
Scott1sh (EUW)
: Has League lost its touch?
League of Legends at this point in time won't die ever. And by ever i mean in a timeline that makes sense. 20 years from now? Sure it will probably be around, 50 years? Its like saying you'll still be using your diesel car in 60 years. We might be flying jets y'know?
Shaebadu (EUW)
: of course everything comes to an end just like world of warcraft used to be good now its shit and dieing off. a game stops popping after some time thats the nature of everyting nothing lasts forever. when a game stops popping companies usually start to deliver to the masses which usually means making the game casual friendly which has happened to league of legends obviously. (dragon timers, and so forth....)
Dragon and buff timers are a sign league has become casual? Let me remind you that before they added timers we could see the timers through third party applications. I remember having my tablet open next to me while i was jungling to watch the timers and i found it frustrating having to check the timers in the app while playing. Something that most junglers used anyway was added to the game officially. So casual right? League is still the same game, it's the pacing that's different and how you approach the game.
Typhl0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=XEwL6zkW,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2020-01-12T11:54:42.888+0000) > > I finished mid plat 4 and i started in silver 2. Now i'm gold 3. > > Why are you crying? > The big elo reset is good. Resets smurf accounts back to low elo and also people who bought high elo accounts. > > All around it's good. it's a elo reset , not a mmr reset , for example i finished d2 and started plat 3 this season, most of master + players started plat too but i'll never meet them because of my diamond mmr , even if they are at the same elo as me , they still playing againt challenger , not real platinum players
Yes i know and i still find it fine. People who buy / sell accounts or smurf usually do it for the elo and not the mmr
Exzoe (EUW)
: Riot your placement games is the biggest joke, %%%% off
I finished mid plat 4 and i started in silver 2. Now i'm gold 3. Why are you crying? The big elo reset is good. Resets smurf accounts back to low elo and also people who bought high elo accounts. All around it's good.
oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Why did riot rework Diana
Diana is fine and she needed that QoL. I don't know what you're going on about and it makes little sense. It almost looks like you got rekt by a diana and came to the forum to cry instead of trying to play better.
: The Yuumi nerf has butchered her gameplay
What gameplay? You mean afking and pressing a few buttons? The most brainless champion ever that even removes the need to position and dodge? She is a mistake that should have never existed in the first place
Greco (EUNE)
: Cassio New Skin?
Yes. We are going to get a Yasuo skin where he cosplays as Cassiopeia for the Halloween.
: Honestly if it wasn't for leveling up an account to level 30, I'd try smurfing too, mostly because of curiousity. In Season 4 my MMR got destroyed and I was hardstuck Bronze, managed to get to plat now though. I KNOW that my game knowledge/macro improved a lot, but I'm just curious about the elo I used to be stuck in, so that I could see the skill difference between now and the time I started, so I'd get a better sense about what exactly I improved in.
I got a 90%+ Win ratio with Janna from bronze to gold 4 while i smurf from Iron 2. I did it to prove to myself i can smurf with Janna up to Platinum. I did it in 60 games and it was a challenge. Other than that smurfing isn't very satisfying.
: ''4.If you try to defend smurfs by telling me to get better, I understand your point, but that implies I have the same amount of time to play competitive as they do, which trust me, it's not the case.'' You have like 700 ranked games this season and has played since at least season 3. Seems like you have plenty of time. I urge you to explore other enjoyable aspects of life :D
How about i explore smurfing in your diamond games and demote you to plat?
: LOL is always crashing or about to crash
I just had to restart my whole PC to fix the crash in time so that i dont get leaver in the 3 mins of the game. Lmao. Rito games client
Blotniak (EUNE)
: Wondering: Why is it so hard for people to actually enjoy the game?
Because they play for Rank purely and if they don't get it, they get mad. Also people tend to do things they did in the past just for the sake of it. So many people still play just because they liked the game for the sake of nostalgia. And when they join a game and see a troll, feeder etc. they just snap and give up because they seen that 1 million times before and since they dont really enjoy the game, they just dont care And to be honest, these last few seasons sucked very hard.
: New support items
Tank supports need their own item to start with. An item that gives armour / and or MR instead of AD or AP
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Supports damage
Define supports. Only pyke and senna can 1 v 1 an adc, especially if they are ahead. Maybe Leona if she's fed as well but that's mostly finishing off a kill. What other supports can 1 v 1 anyone?
: Do you get pissed if people try stuffs out in normal games, or you're cool with it?
I just had a game in platinum that we had teemo mid and you think that's trolling? People do this shit in every queue Want a true non-meta pick? Try amumu adc. I've seen this being played by some probably masters+ guy in normal and he rekt everyone but it was hilarious
: I HATE PRESEASON (now that I got your attention, click me)
I dont trust Riot to not keep this shit show after the 2 month grace period. Nuff said.
: E T E R N A L S - when? 28th august is over.
No please. Don't remind Riot of this stupid shit. We have more things to worry about atm than a stat board that costs 20 dollars
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Yes. Well taking some cs (2-3cs/min) is not bad and limit is 4cs/min. It is good to take the cs that everyone else is missing. Infernal and Ocean are really good to have drakes, especially when they fill the removed stats on spellthief items. p.s: I tried mid Zyra one game recently (was doing okayish) and is Zyra apc good?
APC Zyra is really good but it depends on matchups Shes one of my mains. You just have to play from one screen away (like i do) if you're in danger of getting 1 shotted from zed etc. She hard coutners yasuo, always pick her into yasuo. Her plants own his butt. She's also good vs diana provided you won't get caught and die in 1 rotation. Also good vs leblanc. Hells i even used to take her in top lane in season 9. Her only problem there is you need tome to function and you can't get it so you get out-cs'ed from the melee which is bad
Uraraka (EUNE)
: It doesn't start quest again; it will automatically upgrade to Tier3 after purchasing. Tried it xD
Can't buy multiple items either. The passive is unique. "Support minion rule tooltip gives me cancer"
Uraraka (EUNE)
: It doesn't start quest again; it will automatically upgrade to Tier3 after purchasing. Tried it xD
This makes me sad. Next abuse strat then. Buy multiple support items. Time to see if this works
Drda (EUNE)
: Might as well sell it after last upgrade and buy a normal item Also start excluding oracle lens from your games
I wonder if it's a legit strat to sell the item then buy it again to get another 1000 gold from the quest and keep the yellow trinket meanwhile to ward. I will try it and report the results.
: Nah.. You are expected to get 15+ kills so you can finish your items... And do not forget you have all enemy jungle to farm! No one will report you for wandering in enemy jungle all the time.. dead or not...
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} This shit made my day, thanks
: I was looking up about 100 people here and asking around 10 people **MAINING SUPPORT** ingame+friendslist, so I was stating opinions based on Elo. Elo is not a shame, you can be totally casual and I respect that, but its obvious that the crybabies are "not too good" people and I had to point it out. First give the patch a week or two, and not spam the frontboard with UHH SUPPORT SUCKS NOW threads. You can join some supportstreamers and ask them, there are plenty. And about my last sentence: I was always looking on the boards to check whats in and out now, but now after realizing how less Dia+ are here (which are definetely more serious players, no doubt), I will not blindly take the opinions here as granted any longer.
I love how people always use their elo as threshhold to separate the bad from the good. Diamond is nothing special. You can argue but any dedicated one-trick with enough time on their hands can reach low diamond. The only true good players are masters+ and even then i have some doubts. I duo'ed with a masters+ in high gold once out of curiosity to see his play (he was smurfing and i know it was true bcs he added me to his main account which was indeed masters) and he couldn't carry me for shit. Maybe he was elo boosted and i don't care.
: Support yourself
You can keep the yellow warding trinket and keep selling and buying back the support item to generate free gold, also buy some pinks. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Seriously though. It's going to be very funny when non-support mains start getting autofilled into the role over and over and rage int he forum for it
: About the support discussion
Nobody cares that you're boosted to D2 by your high elo adc friend. If you didn't play support-only solo-only without any duo to get there it means nothing to your support skills State your opinion avoiding elo shaming people
: I actually like the new support changes
Aw man. You're going to have so much fun getting auto filled as support. The players queue'ing up for support will drop like the bassline in a Trap song
Syrca (EUW)
: there are several problems with the current version, but it's preseason.. it's the whole point, try shit out now and see how it goes. they definetly need to lower the xp gap between toplaners and the rest of the players, ezreal suffers from lots of problems becuase they nerfed him becuase of klepto, now they will most likely give him back actual power in his kit since he is a popular champion and it would be a bad business to not have him be viable, and you can always trust riot to make decisions that will make them money. not sure why supports hate their lives, the new support items gives you a much earlier powerspike, champions like pyke and senna absolutely love this, and any support that can build zekes first also loves this. jungler xp is sad that they removed catch up xp, as it will promote farm heavy junglers, where as the new elemental drakes promote fighting junglers, I think they should just revert the xp changes, but maybe nerf the catch up xp slightly. no reason to just complain about it on the boards in this manner though, no rioter will ever look at this post and think, hey maybe we should change this.
How many times have i heard this argument... then the season is exactly like preseason was... "It's only preseason guys" Yeah, no.
Shamose (EUW)
: Gather round youngens, and sit next to the first campfire of season 10.
I got a story for the campfire. Once upon a time there was an item called philosopher's stone and heart of gold... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: That’s the idea though... your meant to adapt to drake spawns on the go... if you know what spawns then you’ll just build around it that’s not adapting to an evolving game state. You’ve akways gotta adapt to an evolving game even before elemental drakes... everything that happens in game you can’t predict and therefore you’ve gotta adapt as it happens. This is just an additional thing to work on.
How can you adapt to the changes on the go? Adapting means having a means to do so. When you adapt going from a warm climate to a cold one, you wear more clothes until you get used to the cold. So you have the option to -buy- warmer clothes. How the hell do i adapt to drakes when i don't have counter measures to adapt?
SmokerT69 (EUW)
: Yea, my mains were supports... Gonna just do mid from now on I guess. I recently got into Lux support and I don't think it will take much relearning to play her as a mid. Still, I'd rather not do Jungle unless we have a full party as people say they're gonna report you.
Don't worry about being reported for learning the game. Even if everyone reports you every game nothing will happen. I got reported a ton when i learned adc. Never got a ban. Just let people be salty
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Remove Anti-Poaching from Tier 3 Support items
You're not allowed to have fun "tm", courtesy of Rito games {{sticker:sg-janna}}
SmokerT69 (EUW)
: I was thinking about trying to give jungle another shot but I don't think now is the time to learn. I tried to do 1 game and people went mental at me... Jungle seems to be the most important role now and any mistakes can cause a loss.
You can afford to lose a lot and have people go mental at you. That's what happens when you learn a new role. I was silver 3 for months when i learned how to adc. I'm still not good with it but at least now i can play it kind of decently. (still bad at last hitting). The whole idea is to spent an entire season at low elo learning the game, find what you enjoy and works for you then make a push for gold. For now i would suggest you don't focus on ranking but learning the game and finding what champions are your one-tricks / mains
: I Think its ok to criticize, thats a good thing to do. I didn't feel the extra drama added "imma quit after x years" After a few days of everyone getting a feel, riot will also get a good feel on what to adjust and where to adjust.
In the meantime it's insufferable to play support. A lot of people will get autofilled, they will suck and come complain to the forum. And the best thing, top has become a 1 v 1 meme lane. I hate playing the waiting game when i can't have fun. It's best to quit and wait. I'm having season 8 flashbacks
Zaiin (EUNE)
: PATCH 9.23 YAY OR NAY ( Rift changes )
Nay. Everything about this season is cancerous. I don't like the RNG dragons, the dragon buffs, the jungler and midlane importance, the support shitshow or the botlane xp nerf and top becoming a meme 1 v 1 lane
: Yes, my opinion doesn't matter. That's why I'm not giving one lol
If you think your opinion doesn't matter then that's your own predicament. Diamond is mostly filled with people who one-trick consistently and i don't want to one-trick the whole season. You're supposed to pick different champions and roles to have fun. Even pros must be proficient with a wide range of champs and even positions
: ***
What this has to do with opinion. I'm a platinum support main and i believe exactly the same about it. What's your biff with elo shaming?
SmokerT69 (EUW)
: Support Changes
It's not only you. If you see the support mains posting you will see that everyone feels the same so far. I'm quitting league until further notice unless the few other games i play this weekend change my mind somehow. There will be a serious lack of support players this season. I'm a support main and i can tell you that support has remained an influential role for most seasons. You could help your team get ahead and it's a role worth maining (it got me to platinum, without a duo ever. Only solo support) It's all about the jungler now. So if you want to try to rank up this season, i would suggest you learn how to jungle.
Eldian (EUNE)
: or just show in champ select which drakes are gonna be spawned?
I think that would be best. Drake order should be visible on champ select so people can play team comps that synergize with the drakes. Imagine if you play a damage comp and all the drakes that spawn are mountain ones
Fynne (EUW)
: Bottom lane is a complete fiesta now
I am glad someone else came to similar conclusions as me. I'm a support main and i feel the same way. I don't even care what my toplaner is doing anymore. They can int their ass off and still win if the jungler gets all the drakes and the midlane now can 1 v 2 botlane at the first drake and snowball their lead.
JenShen (EUNE)
: because rito punishment system is t-rex crap and focus only if you use chat in negative way, this lead to people losing their accounts and progress for some stupid words that can be muted if you dont want to hear them , then people stop giving a damn about the game and start trolling , cuz you probably wont be punished if you troll( again the amazing punishment system) . So in less words Rito made bs punishment system -> people losing skins and whatever for letting their frustration in chat -> people find out that if they troll, they most likely wont lose progress -> profit????? i hope i answered your question
You didn't even read what the OP said... you just went on with your narrative after reading the word "trolling" ... In a matter of fact... the OP mentions profanity in chat as well
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Queueing Up For League Today
I'm a simple person. I see Kurotsu, i upvote. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Kind of sad you're not having a good time though. I can understand the frustration. Did a LoL marathon to reach plat this weekend and besides a few matches, most were unfun, even when winning.
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