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: Honestly, old Morde wasn't a bruiser. The current one is more of a bruiser than the old one was, except for his first iteration. He was more like a melee mage. He had to build damage to keep his shield up, which made him somewhat tanky, at least as much as he needed to be as a melee character. But pre and post morde both just "stood next to an enemy" and killed him. Except that if old morde was fed enough, he was able to kill you with one R. Don't get me wrong, I liked the old Morde a lot more than the new one, gameplay wise (visuals are a complete different story). But to say that he was flat out 'better' is just not wrong. I'd consider his rework as successful, since more people play him now. Sadly, that's for the cost of those people who really liked him before his rework.
I think the champion is currently a success because of his current strength? But once this falls off he will just be as forgotten as the old mordekaiser but I doubt that people will play him because of the unique experience. But thank you for the understanding :)
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