Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I'll let you on on a secret. With 40% winrate after 149 games your MMR is NOT higher. In fact your match history shows that you're where you belong, as far as people you're matched with are concerned. Unless for some reason you're getting more than 20 LP for wins, but I highly doubt that. Even when your team is winning, you're being a dead weight most of the time. It's beyond being matched with bad players. And that Iron tier player? He is the one with a much higher MMR, not you. >i just recalled that i even played a game against an unranked player (who carried the whole game, i'm sure he was smurfing or bought the account to start from low tiers and then get it to diamond and then sell it) Or you're just so bad, even a newbie can outperform you. Or maybe that guy simply had a particularly good game and is actually bad. The door swings both ways, after all. I remember how I was placed in Silver in my very first ranked season. I struggled for like half a year and by the end I was _this_ close to outright getting Gold in my first ranked season. I literally got to Gold the next day after the season ended. This season I was placed in Silver 4 in all THREE ranked queues. I'm Gold in two of them after 40 games in each, while phasing in and out of promo to Gold in the third queue. I'm getting the same kind of garbage you probably do and while it is true that one bad player out-weights actions of most good players, there's a silver line where your performance should let you climb. --- Ultimately if you were actually better than where you are you wouldn't be stuck where you are, but the combinations of your preferred role, lack of decent duo partner _(since you're a support main apparently)_ and awful personal performance is enough to keep you where you are, in fact if it wasn't for the demotions protection you could even end up in Bronze. Thus my suggestion for you: Either change your champion pool or your role of choice. If you're going to keep doing what you're doing, you are NOT going to climb.
i was kinda happy reading your comment, but as soon as i stumbled upon this: "even a newbie can outperform you" i literally stopped, laughed for a full minute, and skipped whatever you said after. 1v1 me summoner =) edit: I actually won't 1v1 you, because i feel you, i'm terribly sorry =)
: How Unranked peaople play with silver elo peaople wtf riot are you doing
actually this is a huge good point, I'm stuck in silver after S9 placements because of such players. Before you start talking random sh*t, listen up: I'm currently at silver 4 but my mmr is higher than that. I went into a ranked game with an iron player, like that's 2 tiers below. Before you guys downvote threads, read more and actually try to see from the OP's perspective. most of you just "hit downvote" because i dont like what he's talking about. To you it's not happening, but to many others it is. and it's so annoying to the point that they're forcing us at some point to really tilt and or just get mad. edit2: i just recalled that i even played a game against an unranked player (who carried the whole game, i'm sure he was smurfing or bought the account to start from low tiers and then get it to diamond and then sell it)
Dewritoes (EUW)
: 1- but i just did reply to your comment. 2- Good for you. Doesn't mean you know how League is coded. Go to school a little longer. 3- yes i did. And again, it shows up on your end because of YOU, not because of RIOT. You contradict yourself, mate. Also, someone's triggered here...
you're still commenting? lmfao It's actually true that there are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that. Cheers!
rayya96 (EUNE)
: The silver players (OMG)
*raises hand* - you're not alone
: UK -> EUW Ping Issues
@Dewritoes @Hansiman Where are you now?????? now it's hitting EUW.... dont randomly judge others before you actually confirm it =) our previous argument [here]( Good luck summoners! Riot will never respond {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: > in-client bug where it keeps trying to reconnect from time to time, it cancels your match up queue (after you wait for like 2-3mins) and then you have to start queue over again and waste time just waiting for the queue... It's very easy to blame the client for things like this, but it's honestly rarely correct. If it was actually only caused by the client, you would see a lot more threads on the issue, every single day. I, for instance, never experience these problems on any machine I've played the game on. I'm not saying that the client never has an issue, but I'm saying that too often do I see players just blindly blaming the client when we could potentially easily solve it. --- > in-game bug where the voice disconnects (DUE to the first issue) This sounds like a network disconnection, which I'm sure it quite often is. Again, not always, but disconnects are often networking related. --- > in--client bug where chat disconnects randomly and then tries to reconnect. Same as above, this is actually a networking issue. --- > if you're a Rioter I'm not. --- > edit: no this doesn't happen anywhere else (in other games) That honestly says very little. Other games are hosted elsewhere, meaning your connection is routed through a completely different path. --- > edit 2: @Varamon is completely right about latency (ping), half if not 75% of the issue is from Riot's end not from ISPs. No, it's not. Nearly every single case of increased latency is ISP related, **not** Riot. If it was caused by Riot, nearly every single player would experience it, not just some. I urge you to come back to the boards when the servers themselves actually have issues. You'll see the amount of activity something like that actually creates. --- I've been on the boards for many years, and assisted players in several problems. Sadly, too often do I see players that refuse to acknowledge that an issue that they have decided is on Riot's end isn't actually so. Many of these cases could actually be easily be solved, but instead of trying to solve them, they'd rather sit and blame Riot. There's not much anyone can do in these cases, because all problem determination requires the player themselves to make an effort.
nice, thanks for your reply, please check my previous comment [here]( some people don't really see much far enough, and doesn't accept other's views. no offense but you seem to act just straight with any issues without looking into the causes and or reasons behind it.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: Whenever i see someone complaining about the client, i chuckle. If it's on riot's side, then everyone should have the same problem. Seeing as i have only experienced issues confirmed by Riot (ranked leaderboards were bugged for a while last week, for example), you should take a good look at your own setup and not go to the boards because you THINK someone who gets PAID to do this EVERY DAY is wrong based on your refusal to accept that theres something wrong with YOUR setup.
Please, save your breath. You’ll probably need it to blow up your next date. Again, I feel pathetic for you Dewritoes. People still go on forums and try to show off replying to other's comments even worse? trying to convince them with what they know, whats right and what's wrong, who are you anyway =) Listen up human being, open your god damn mind just for a second and for once in your life, read and understand what's been said then talk, 1- I'm in EUNE not EUW so you "cannot" in anyway reply to my comments and start talking sh*t because you're in EUW and every region has it's own bugs whether you like it or not. - yes the code of EUNE is different from that of EUW and from that of NA etc... just face the fact, poor you 2- I'm an IT manager and i can easily sh*t on people like you when it comes to networking. 3- have you ever heard of conditions in programming? if else? while? unless? etc... poor you know if you don't have such issues on your side then how come it's showing on my end? The question you should ask yourself and think about for a full minute before tras* talking, is: how come i can play games with nice ping on league (which i never complained about) and never gets disconnected BUT the client (because i keep it open in the background) it keeps showing "trying to reconnect" from time to time although i'm in game and playing super normal. that leads to ingame voice disconnect btw (the client issue). enough SAID. {{summoner:14}}
Dewritoes (EUW)
: Yeah, just fix every single little bug in just two weeks before it hits live servers! You're embarrassing yourself, dude. It seems like you hate new features. Also, don't think so highly of yourself. You seem like the type of person to write 'gg ez noobs' after a hard fought game where you practically inted.
d3jn (EUNE)
: What VPN is best for playing LoL on EUNE?
: Why i can't connect to the Client with Cisco VPN?
Keep this in your mind: "VPNs aren't meant for gaming and they never will" All those VPN distributors you see online promising you to get you the best connection for your game, it's all lies. actually and from a technical perspective, a VPN would cause at least the double amount of connections your original connection is establishing in order to serve its purpose. So no way on earth, even if one of Riot's IT/Engineers come in and say the opposite of what I said, you'll get a better connection. In contrary to that, you must find the cause of your lags, and eliminate it. (background apps, other possible users on the network, trojans, antivirus updates, system updates, and sadly many of people stream online music, why dont you download them and play them locally????????? i dont get it... edit: use a mikrotik router or anything similar to sanitize/filter and enhance your connection, a lot of ISP routers lack quality routing functionality and other kinda connection management stuff from caching to loadbalancing to pcc fail over etc..
SixthKill (EUW)
: U cant blame Riot. They have full schedule and are doing their best. Every game will always have its own problems but trust me. Riot are working as hard as they can. Just try to stay positive{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
You're actually embarrassing yourself without even knowing (poor you know)... just think about this for a full minute and then come and reply: Why after almost every patch, there must be some patching issues/in-client bugs/account transfer bugs (happened so many times)/UI broken stuff like texts, icons, buttons aren't clickable etc... and even worse? huge amounts of bugs after every game mode (URF been the same for years... why after almost every release something bumps and causes issues?) the question you should be asking yourself is: why there exist a PBE server? and what's its purpose??? Let's be real and actually think before we randomly comment. They lack a lot of in game testing employees... if I were to be one of those who test the game? you'd probably see so so much less even close to no bugs.... again realistically why did they create PBE for? just to test the store? lol?!
Hansiman (EUW)
: Let me ask: What's the problem? I highly doubt you actually notice a difference between 45 and 65ms in ping. Riot isn't ignorant to your problem, because you describe that they've assisted you with several tests to see if they can help you lower your ping. Ultimately, their verdict is correct: It's an ISP issue, not Riot. Riot's servers won't suddenly increase the ping you have. Your connection route is the main factor when it comes to ping, something Riot isn't really capable of impacting.
regardless of the OP's thread content, Riot is really ignoring a lot of other issues and mainly a big one that enormous amounts of players are facing still as of writing this comment. in-client bug where it keeps trying to reconnect from time to time, it cancels your match up queue (after you wait for like 2-3mins) and then you have to start queue over again and waste time just waiting for the queue... in-game bug where the voice disconnects (DUE to the first issue) in--client bug where chat disconnects randomly and then tries to reconnect. It's not me it's been since December 2018. if you're a Rioter, then stop making excuses, if not then please check the technical issues category and skim through and mark and count the amount of people / players / summoners who tried reporting such issue since 2018 till now. Please.... smh edit: no this doesn't happen anywhere else (in other games), and also (i don't have issues with ping, it's just the chat-voice-and this trying to reconnect thingy although i'm f*cking online) edit 2: @Varamon is completely right about latency (ping), half if not 75% of the issue is from Riot's end not from ISPs. there are a lot of points to look at actually and those are just the minor ones... but .. sadly money is more important than game quality...
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VF 22 (EUNE)
: Coach looking for team
I've added you on EUNE, I know you already said "only high gold" but i think i do fit in.. anyway you can test me out. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I don't think you understand what endorsing means. Smurfing is not against rules and RIOT do not ban or punish smurfs, they just don't encourage it. Don't knwo who Yasuo is or his competitor to that toxic streamer Tyler but giving a guy 1 account do nothing good or bad since there millions of smurfs out here anyway. They don't need to make smurfing illegal and to start punish/ban smurfs, but to encourage players to play on same account instead of going to multiple ones. They made small steps on that - unlocking the level of the accounts - missions keep you on one account is very time consuming to play on all accounts - the bigger step was position rank, that would eliminate a portion of smurfs for sure, many players (me included) we play on smurfs to play other roles that our strongest ones and not affect our main account rank. Well position rank would have keep me on same account since I could play for example my weakest role (bot lane) on my main in rank without affecting my rank on my main role. Sadly that test failed and they will not implement them. Also I think the problem is not the smurf accounts but the behavior of players when they play on the smurfs. - the classic excuse that they troll, int, flame, or afk since "they don't care it's just their smurf" - classic intentional drop games after they have 15-1 score so they do not climb and stay in very low elo compare with their main so they feel superior destroying players with way less skills. Solution: - Make more rewards to keep players on the main account - Somehow make a system in which somebody can link their smurf accounts to their main, give them some benefits if they do that (maybe let them gift temselft a owned skin from one account to other, like 1 skin/year or something like that, or whatever other benefit) but share the punishments from 1 account to all accounts so they behave in smurfs same as they behave on main. - give people level 30 account linked to the main (as you said they gave to that guy) buy not let it unrak but with same rank as main or similar and share punishments between them
"there millions of smurfs out here anyway." we're talking about game play abuse, he's not a plat player, he's a master player. I'm not against yassuo but i'm against Riot's acts on smurfing, they should clarify this. if there are millions of smurfs then the master / grand master and challenger tiers must have millions of players. i think you do know yassuo (moe) and you do know tyler1, every single player in league of legends do know these guys. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Baderman (EUNE)
: I have **same problem** riot plese fix this problem. Thx {{champion:86}}
rip "riot please fix"... they dont care man... they only care for money new champs.. keeping new people to come over without caring about existing issues.. this is how RIOT became in 2019.. money money money
: Cannot connect in games
riot doesn't give a shyt about players reporting in their boards.. why the boards created for tho? {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Client crash
client is broken as %%%%
Dcraker (EUW)
: League of Legends kinda dc problem
yeah same.. since dec 2018
: Client constant disconnects
same.... i've spammed the hell out of this board since dec, 2018.. NO ONE IS ANSWERING... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Μoe (EUNE)
: Client Keeps Disconnecting From time to time
Does @Riot even care????? I haven't been able to play ranked for 2 months! ( i was able to get into some ranked games by keep trying again and again and again) but when this is going to stop?) Everytime i get disconnected after 1 min or so from waiting in queue. It's not an issue from my PC because i've formatted and reinstalled league freshly, also i did change all my cables and wifi routers! i can prove it this is nonsense! fix your client please {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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Shrav (EUW)
: Internet Disconnection After 10-13 Minutes
+1 happening in here as well since a December 2018
: Will we get Snow Battle ARURF this year?
God I literally hate nexus blitz {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I think it is a legacy valentines emote
thank you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Antenora (EUW)
: The "Oh Please" Xayah emote is a legacy emote that is released every year around Valentines day. You will be able to buy it again then.
thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Smerk (EUW)
: Ranked in preseason is worthless if you only care about rewards. But it's not useless if you want to get better starting rank at the start of next season. When reset happens your starting rank will be based on your rank at the moment of reset, so by climbing higher in preseason you can secure better starting position after reset. It works in other direction as well though. So by falling down the ranks during preseason you will also start lower
crystal clear, hehehe thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: There is a number called MMR (matchmaking rating) behind the scenes that affects how skilled the people are that you are playing with and against. You got rewards based on your rank at the end of season 8 but you can still increase your rank and mmr during the preseason. Your mmr basically determines your starting rank next season so playing and getting it higher during the preseason helps you to start higher next season than you would if you didn't play during the preseason.
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: New thing in Practice tool
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Client Issues - 14.11.2018
+1 same, not something new to me, it happened couple of times in the past few weeks {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
BadWlan (EUNE)
: Let me gues they blamed you for the loss
they always do, especially if you play zed ;') that's when the chaos happen. you're like 12/4 and they're all feeding and then at the end of game lobby they say "report zed" zed is "sh-t", "fu-k you zed, unskilled, cant carry" i mean... please... zed cant 1v9... even in challenger.. with a fed enemy team... it's not just about zed! was an example. take kayn, or adc champs (vayne, cait, draven, jinx etc..) as an alternative example
253IQ (EUW)
: I can't hold it anymore...
+1 Riot need to do something about this (punishable) other than just "reporting" for the system to evaluate. sometimes they troll in game and sometimes they troll at champion select. they ban your champion and they start flaming you (if they're premades) and when the game starts they just tilt you to the maximum. i even played gold matches where i saw junglers typing in chat, first time ranked, just trying ranked for fun! and troll picks at bot, rammus + alistar... if riot only hires me i'd have no rest until i get these people banned from this community and get this community better. they just need to "invent" a new punishable feature. {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
Pondleite (EUW)
: You're silver, what do you consider good really?{{champion:32}}
my game-play doesn't reflect my rank at all
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MrMatrix313 (EUNE)
: After the game finished it's bugged and can't start a new game.
you need to wait a maximum total of 2 hours in order for the system to automatically disconnects you from the gaming server and moves you to the lobby. check when you last faced this and then come back after 2 hours. P.S: some reported that it took them 4 hours.. so dont login to the same for compelte 2 hours and that might do the trick {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot tmx,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=cfN8i3Rr,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-06-30T18:06:00.161+0000) > > Our focus is to make sure that all the stats from finished games are safe. Disconect all players from games, Cause im stuck in a game that dosent even exist for 40minutes or so, and then take your time to restore the stats from finished games.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
> [{quoted}](name=Rise From Hell,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=cfN8i3Rr,comment-id=000000010003,timestamp=2018-06-30T18:11:02.754+0000) > > Disconect all players from games, Cause im stuck in a game that dosent even exist for 40minutes or so, and then take your time to restore the stats from finished games.{{sticker:cass-cry}} +1 for this, i mean that's not ethical... disconnect all players and focus on the stats later on, it's not our fault to just hang off the game and not able to sign in properly {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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