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: > Chat Restriction on me being toxic to players that ruin this game. You seem to be confused by the fact that you were punished for breaking the rules, it doesn't matter WHY you did it, you're responsible for your own actions and you're judged based on your actions not the actions of others
No this is not it. I'm not confused about my punishment, I don't even take it seriously! I admit I cursed and was toxic so that's not the point! But I am confused with the fact that there are A LOT of players that ruin games by feeding and inting and get just a warning instead of a permaban.
: > [{quoted}](name=ΝΟ ΛΙΜΙΤ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rZthFwc9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-20T11:54:37.060+0000) > > **Listen up Riot. ** > This game is on the verge of extinction now days. Is it? i'm sure you can provide data that shows how close it is to 'extinction' > [{quoted}](name=ΝΟ ΛΙΜΙΤ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rZthFwc9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-20T11:54:37.060+0000) > Cause your **Tribunal System** sucks. They replaced the Tribunal with the auto system quite a while ago now...
League of Legends players have one thing in common dude. They are all addicted to it (that's what games do to you) But they are complaining about the game (queues, delays, player behavior e.t.c)
Sir Taryn (EUW)
: Tribunal system doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for a quite a while. I can see you're going on a bit of a rant with this post but I'd just like to point out a few things. 1. You seem to expect way too much out of your teammates. You seem to expect them to follow each and every ping, each and every instruction. They don't know you. They can't be sure if they can trust you. They could be playing their absolute best and these negative things will only make them play worse. 2. Telling someone to just "stop feeding and inting" is VERY bad advice. They most likely already feel bad for playing bad, and this only de-motivates them even more without offering a suggestion. For example: Next time you see a teammate losing hard and dying often, tell him to "build defensively and focus on farming and/or staying farther back in fights). You cannot expect people in GOLD to play like a god and not make mistakes. I'm sure you do just as many mistakes as everyone else in your elo. But in general, focus on improving yourself and focus less on others.
Didn't know about tribunal system by the way! Thank you The thing is dude that I don't expect much from my teammates and I know I can be toxic sometimes. Im focusing on improving my self and just minding my own business but that also indicates that you gave me your opinion without even watching the replay I posted! I myself have gotten a lot of ''ggs'' and leadership honors so Im not the type to ''%%%% a game up'' by my ranting and talking! It's not about players that play bad and don't perform well! It's about players that do it ON purpose and then they abuse and blame you and that's a thing everybody in this community understands! Tilting is one thing in League Of Legends. Players that join games and just Roam around and give kills destroying each lane is another. Thank you again for your reply though!
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: Did you receive a reason in mail as to why you got restricted? Have you flamed/gone afk in any games recently? Usually there is a reason. :o
never afk! even when the whole team is afk.. im still playing! I had internet problems in the past but now its okay! About the flaming I dont think i've flamed in a level that needs to be given a ban like that :D pluus my good behavior? ;/
uberpimp (EUW)
: What do you want to hear from us? It is highly likely that your behaviour did not yet improve enough and that you are just toxic beside having improved your recent behaviour. Yet there is also a chance that you had bad luck with players reporting you for no reason. However, the reports of "troll reporter" have minimal or no influence on recieving punishments and there is only very little reason for "high value reporters" to report you if you have done nothing wrong. When a premade and i report, the person will usually at least recieve a warning straight away, because our reports are valued very high. I may report you for something that you consider as not toxic while it is for me and others. I suggest you to go through your recent games and think of what could have caused a report. Also take things like : "GG" (after FB), "Easy" or "ez" (or similar), or "omg" and general verbal harassement / negative attitude into account. Any phrase or word that is not beneficial to the game may result in a report (and by that i dont only speak about important information about the game, you can also joke around and talk with your team about other things if it enhances team spirit. Well mannered ciritcs or honest meant strategies for you team are fine too, such as "maokai lets just group, right now your only getting caught and this may lose us the game").
Well, im a short tempered guy! but i've changed things i do ingame! i dont say im the BEST there is to no cursing others and stuff! but we all been through that! through a game with kids that their blue buff gets stolen and say ''GG I go afk or I go troll now'' i've been trying to tell them not too and the answer is still ''NAH'' I've lost many games like that and sometimes i say to them that they are retarded and stuff! but I dont think i've done SOOOO MUCH for deserving such a penalty! Like I said less than a month ago i got a good behavior message.. like wtf..
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