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Leto GT (EUW)
: No need to buff him early honestly. No need to fix his late either, he's too easly kitable. He's very good agains't no cc teams but that's it.
his W makes him harder to get kited and in a fight u can't focus the tank and nasus will deal a lot of dmg while ur trying to kill the enemy adc / midlaner or maybe the enemy SORAKA if they have soraka but uk what i mean right?
ZzMaine (EUW)
: Dragon Rider Kled ? Ftw
totally agree! because i think he deserves it really much i'm not main and i don't play him but he is a cool champ a new skin will atract new players of kled :D {{champion:240}}
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Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: nasus needs early game buff and late adjust not nerf i k cuz i am nasus main
as i said,true,make him stronger early and ajust his dmg/tankiness late that could make him a good champ for early and still strong for late game,he won't feed early and get some stacks but he will be still strong
NoobStory (EUW)
: The new runes bring tons of true damage or if you want to go for attack speed, correct itemisation will do the trick, his tankiness shouldn't be much of a problem since he's really easy to kite.
not his tankiness but his dmg on Q he is enough tank to rezist and get a Q and gain hp from his free 10% lifesteal
: No Nasus dont need a nerf, he is one of few top laners who do not have a dash or movement speed steroid for an engage, his playstyle is either all in or all out, plenty of itemization options to counter him if you complain about having a 500+ stack Nasus its not "Balance" fault its your team for either not denying him of farm/stacks OR allowing the game to drag on for a large period of time
**what about his W who helps him late to catch other champs in fights?**
: What about {{champion:45}} {{champion:31}} ? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
yep veigar and cho gath are broken,but nasus and cho'gath are tanks and deal dmg,true dmg and other stuff thats not good,veigar can be easy killed by an assasin but he can one-shot adc
Sarokh (EUNE)
: this is why league of legends is one of the worst games ever, cant even come up with good ideas to solve this problem
yep climbing is hard in lol in low elo,not for a smurf god player but for us that we are stuck in silver and we deserve gold its harder to claim then for the smurfers bcz we can't carry 1vs5 we can just win lane
: i didn't understand a single %%%%ing word you said {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
i mean that ranked games should have a remake sistem that let u remake 0:30 min in the game,what u don't understand?**RITO PLS**
Seikio (EUW)
: Arcade Riven's icon concept
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: No. Nasus is fun to play and you can counter him very easy. Hes just a late game champion so try to not let him stack (camp him as jg) rotate with your bot etc..)
again buf early nerf late Q he is to tanky and to much dmg on his Q,in a teamfight if they have a nasus 500 stacks+ even if u have a pretty big advantage and u try to focus the important targets nasus just deal enough dmg to kill u all and u get maximum 4 from 5 of their team and nasus will clear u and then push,idk what to say but a nerf should be good,but his dmg and rezistence early game and stacks not 3 per minion,2 per minion.
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