+1 i played one game against Senna. Couldnt kill her as full build jinx with lethal tempo, fully stacked q and passive AS steroid. Also her range is insane. Just double her needed amount of stacks and she will be fine.
: Did you buy your account or were boosted? Dont get me wrong, but if you have been playing the game for as long as it takes for someone to reach diamond, you surely have been demoted before and that question would be easily answered by experience. You CANT get demoted if you have 2 LP. You will drop to 0, then if you lose 1-3 more games (according to MMR) you will be demoted. But it is a super weird question coming from a diamond 4 player.
Actually demoting from any "4" division is super hard. Your MMR need to be really below to actually demote. Maybe somethings changed but few season ago I lost like 12 games in row in P5 yet still no demote.
: Draven bug
This bugs exist for like year or more, but rito doesnt give a single %%%% about that
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Click on someone's icon = Champion Voice Plays
Brolaf "What up?" or "Chicks dig my axe." :D
: Please give Champions that still talk to the summoner a Voice update.
I do not agree. Ok, summoners rift and whole thing we are playing is not canon anymore. But since summoners rift is non canon, why aeverything that happen on it should be canon? We are still "summoners", we are still on "summoners rift", we still use "summoner spells" - so why it is problem when some champions still speak to us? Whole game part is non canon so i dont see single problem when it happens only in game.. I found it quite nice when Sona speaks "Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?" (its still in Polish version)
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Zoulspook (EUW)
: The 5 Tricks to Climbing Ranked Nobody Told You
I would agree with all but "Trick 4" especially "i use same setup like doublelift" - you know that they pay players like doublelift to promote their gear? Gaming mouse and keyboard may be important in fast fps games like Overwatch or CS:GO, but LoL? Cowsep plays on some cheap market mouse and keyboard, and he had no problem to grind high elo using only Master Yi.... Decent 20$ A4tech mouse and any keyboard is enough.
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