5AuGis5 (EUNE)
: Unsportsmanlike player toxic
Name shaming is bannable
Making people play seperetly due to their behavior will greatly increase game search time
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: Cant go in client
You should wait around 1 day it will fix up himself. This bug exists from season 3 if not longer
CJXander (EUNE)
: They spammed, they reported, they've ridiculized :D
Not sure what are you talking about
Icames (EUW)
: Tokens
Well if i grind it up i get like 300 a day so yes u can
: What do you have to do to get an S these days?
Depends on champion popularity and how good players play with it. Also the result may change if you play a champ on a different lane. Let's say jinx top would be easier to get S
: Bad Gateway. Doesn’t open.
I think is the censor fkng it up lol :D it's K Ys the name
: Bad Gateway. Doesn’t open.
: Inappropriate Names
https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoner/br/%%% like this?
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Mada (EUW)
: Sudden increase in ping and how I fixed it
Windows update are even worse it may make ur pc freeze
WAVenom (EUNE)
Make a support ticket
: yuumi and knight's vow
How about try it out and let us know?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I think they mean tokens 'cause you can buy the Lux skin or/and 100 prestige points with tokens
PIue (EUW)
: Does anyone know when prestige ahri will leave the store?
There's no lux skin for prestige points
Rioter Comments
: i got freezing in my game for a few seconds i need help
That's a video card issue update the driver
: MARK autofilled player
I always tell to people if i'm autofilled so that they would know that it's not my best lane
: cant rufund Champions
There's a blue "!" in the right top corner didn't notice it?
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Gario 03 (EUNE)
: ok the game just finished and i was even given option to honor lol
So maybe it was just a slightly long game?
Gario 03 (EUNE)
: wait they are introducing new lux skins!
Ye everyone loves lux skins! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Gario 03 (EUNE)
: stuck in game after it finished
You have to wait until rito servers update the game info lel it may took around 1 day. This glitch is working from season 3 atleast
Salron88 (EUW)
: Please buff jax ealry game already.
Nice joke {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Pikaguif (EUW)
: Why everytime the game bugs and I restart the PC the game disappears
Try instaling a game in new fresh directory. If it's on C:/ do it on D:/
DeejayF (EUW)
: Petition for a new Azir skin
Darkstar one looks gud
Rioter Comments
: RP purchasing in any method is not working?
Looks like you messed up some setting in your default internet browser
Apostasis (EUW)
: Looking for a Rioter for 1000th ARAM win
: 14 Days ban...
There may be few reasons why you got 14d ban straight 1. You typed a blacklisted word 2. You been typing in a toxic way more than once in a 1min for example in 30min game you made 40 messeges that means your more chatting instead of playing and doing it in negative way
Noctiss (EUNE)
: Is detection dodging a thing? or just a desperate attempt?
I doubt that neck urself is detectable rarely see something like that typed even more - i've never seen it lol
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77Queen77 (EUNE)
: My Account is bugged
This bug is a common one and it's here from around season 3 lol. You have to wait until riot servers update the match history and you will be able to get in. Usually takes about a day
ryandub (EUW)
: All Abilities Disabled Mid Game
mxyspliz (EUW)
: continues the bug of low probability of getting the midlane?
Second role? I usually pick mid/adc and get my mid lane out of 10 like 8 times and 2 times adc
: Fiora clan
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How many control wards should you buy as a support on average?
: well we need another badass champ that's as badass as {{champion:41}} . my man was shot, set on fire, drowned and still lived. he's a god damn pirate, that's badass alone, and he eats oranges.
Eating oranges isn't badass. Eating bones would be pretty badass
Høudini (EUW)
: Apparently Lulu's Polymorph isn't cc?!?! (with video of gameplay)
Ofc it's not CC it just makes u cute and fluffy
: > [{quoted}](name=0rcGa5M,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GZm4HWo4,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-04-22T22:12:50.196+0000) > > I once won 3v5 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} that doenst mean riot shouldnt fix their game tho , is it doable yes but they rather focus on weeb skins
Not sure how they should handle people that decide to go afk. Send a gunner in their house and force to play?
iSuzuken (EUW)
: Art theft in a browser game
wtf u can't have a satana as pet
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Scrub, you are nothing until you win 1v5.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I once almost lost a 5v3. THAT would've been an embarrassment.
I once won 3v5 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Devrost (EUW)
: Why cant we remake if someone didnt leave the fountain???
Enemy was better that's why you didn't win 4v5
: anyone else experiencing this?
After few months not playing ranked and playing 4 today i feel the same lol
: Lets talk about the majority of 4 man premades being bullies.
: Border not showing up properly.
I didn't count but my boarded is desapearing time from time also
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