: Can Riot please hire some proper devs to balance TFT
Maybe if the player have the right items. And maybe if there isnt a comp in the lobby that counters them.
Salron88 (EUW)
: petition. Lets show riot we dont care about WORLD'S if they dont care about our game.
I think they get more money from the esports, so there is nothing wrong with caring about the thing that gives you more money.
: Will gold TFT players get after season rewards?
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Shamose (EUW)
: None. I have a second screen and [this website](https://www.tft-helper.com/).
Yes i forgot about "i use other" option. Just upvote my comment if you use other.
Yes and yasuo will count as 2 toxic units. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Toxic bonus: basic attacks have 20%(2 toxic)/60%(4 toxic) chance to disable positive effects for 2 seconds(includes skills,traits, items) BUT if you have 6 nobles(for example) and a noble got basic attacked by a toxic you will still have the 6 nobles buff, just for one champion less
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: You lose any more you will be demoted; I haven't played TFT ranked-but afaik you can lose LP even at 4th place, so try to aim for top 3.
No. If you are 4th or above you get lp, but if you are 5th or lower you lose lp.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: No. You will lose 4lp that's all
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: When is the SG GOING TO START
: Where exactly new Champion Collection is bad?
Why do you even care? I use my collection only to see the free champions and champions' abilities. What do you use for to care so much about it's design.
Shamose (EUW)
: My whole TFT game is stuck on level 1
This is discussion for bug reports
: At low levels you'll die before you can build something like high lvl players advise because everyone plays too aggressively. Several items can be the difference. Besides that, I doubt gold can be compared to items. Items stay with you to the end of the game, some people even say that you should build your team around items you get.
I had a game where i got 9 gold and zero items from minions, with this gold i upgraded my champions, made an early win streak and won the game as 1st place.
: TFT suggestion: remove coin drops from minion battles
Getting early gold isn't bad if you are a good player. I checked your profile and you are iron 2 in TFT, so don't complain about TFT.
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: Why does my league client, look like it's made by epic games?
This is either bugged or just found an old photo on the client because the version of the client on the photo is 1.5, while the latest version is 9.17.
: number 1 i agree with. i dont understand what you mean in number 2. number 3 is ridiculous. number 4 is undeniably stupid. 5 is just dumb
number 2 means level 30, not rank 30.
Bebøp (EUW)
: In aram we should be able to get any champion.
3 days after the change "ARAM IS PURE RNG, YOU %%%%ED UP AGAIN RIOT!" . I am not even joking with this so -1(also because i have ARAM account).
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: > [{quoted}](name=10 20 13 1 19,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=juXEPPIE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-03T04:46:11.654+0000) > > The only broken things in TFT are pantheon and evelyn. and karthus and kennen and aurelion sol and shyvana and lucian and draven and varus and glacials and full noble team and hextech bonus and force of nature
Do you know what "item" is? Karthus, kennen, A-sol and varus - dragon's claw; shyvana - red buff and hush; lucian, draven and varus - thornmail. The noble champions aren't that strong, the buff can't block true damage and the noble comp is weak mid game(+ late game if you can't find kayle). Glacial and hextech - good positioning( even vs 4 hextech) Force of nature- i think they nerfed the maximum of units on the board to 9(i will ask riot for this and edit he comment when they answer me), so if you reach 9th level the item become useless.
: Such an minor thing (and wrong) when whole TFT game is so broken in major factors like champion whirpool or powerspike or unfairness... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
The only broken things in TFT are pantheon and evelyn.
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: Can we have more ways to obtain orange essence please?
In my acc i have 3k orrange essence and i still wait to get a skin i want
kriegnes (EUW)
: Any less rng Auto Chess games?
I think promoting games is illegal in boards
: Is this ok to do?
If he was actually mad at you he wouldn't waste so much writing, he would just "GO %%%" and "YOU *UCKING IDIOT" or "gonsbg kesbgegewgweguqe"(for example). I think he was just joking but like in smarter way.
: Why does RIOT ban people for verbal abuse and negative attittude , but never bans anyone for feeding
You don't know what is feeding. The thing that happens in your game it's just player vs better player, which happens in every game. Those players aren't playing well but they are trying their best and this isn't bannable otherwise every noob(nothing offensive) should be banned
: Get pirates and power level to max. That's how I did it, I had lvl 2 mf, lvl 2 yas and lvl 2 karthus. But in the end lvl 3 gp carried with {{champion:350}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3094}} like 8-9k dmg per fight
Or just be lucky, yesterday i got 3 kayles in my shop in a row... but it was before reaching the mission :(
finGonli (EUNE)
: TFT Champion drop rate
So you are telling me that you haven't made 5 cost champion tier 2?
: BALANCE TFT? lol tft will never be balanced till when they remove stupid items, right now who has more recurve bow win the game and who find panth lev 2 wins xd 1*patch=elementalist assassin 2*=gunslinder 3*=nobles 4*=pantheon no way u gonna balance a game where u don't have some counters, and all build are viable
Pantheon can be countered easy - red buff or morello and cc or kassadin. Also "no way u gonna balance a game where u don't have some counters, and all build are viable" isn't the game more balanced if everything is viable? And why did u put a negative vote of this comment without telling the reason? That way you just look like a person who lost some games and decided to hate everything about TFT.
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: Hope rito makes a scale option{{champion:74}}
Click on your mouse's scroll(IRL) and move the mouse up and down. It kinda works like scale.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot needs to get their shit togheter.
They did the TFT rewards on a pass because they didn't make classic missions for it, because otherwise TFT should be played more, because of those missions. Riot want to clear statistics about the mode, so they made this pass, which includes less rewards for SR,TT or ARAM and more for TFT, so players aren't "corrupted" to play the mode.
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Laptopman (EUW)
: tft "Bad luck protection"
I think next patch or the patch after the next patch, they are going to make it so everyone has the same amount of items, NOT THE SAME ITEMS, just the same amount.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Corruption
Was the thresh HITTING or was he KILLING the minions?
: Eternals - how to fix them
There will be eternals that cost BE during the essence emporium.
: Map Skins
This is from the blood moon event. Riot made the map red-themed so it looks like there is an actual blood moon, after the event the map was normal again
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: The Most Hated Role?
for me it's the support, because i play support and i steal all the kills.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Suggestion: Implement a ping tester
Well, i always use practice tool as ping tester after blackouts or when i am not sure is the connection good and i can it's pretty useful, because i can also practice the champion i am going to play.
: TFT: What comps do you use to climb? Patch 9.16
I would play ninja,elementalists,glacials,sorcerers and shapeshifters because they nerfed literally everything but those comps.
: hide and seek
I think i already made a discussion about hide and seek like 1 year ago and nothing happened.
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: Since you know so much about it, can you give me 1 example of tactics. Because EVERYTHING you said is all about luck, like I already explained in the original post. Maybe read before you answer. So,... do you know anything about the game yourself or are you just lucky?
Yes sometimes some players get more lucky than others, but that is just another opportunity - many times when i play nobles i get youmuu's ghostblade from the drake, but do you know what i do? i put it on fiora, she jumps into the backline and stuns the squishy carry. Here are examples of tactics: You play vs gunslingers/rangers? play nobles/yordles build thornmail or pd, or even play gunslingers so you steal the champions, you maybe won't get the champions, but it's easy to gather items just be patient. You play vs imperials? get red buff/morrelo for swain and thornmail for draven. You play vs yordles, but you don't have RFC? try making a super tank with warmogs and dragon's claw(or play sorcerers). You won't get what you want every time but, you can always be adaptive and use what you have. If you want more examples ask me, i will tell you.
: TFT or TFL
"- safe gold for more income or buy exp (That is also based on luck, because you can not survive with only lvl 1 champs in the field, so you need to spend gold on champ refresh before you can safe gold or buy exp. Being exp lvl 6 with only lvl 1 champs will not work, I know I have tried.)"- That's called economy and you must do economy when have the champions you want upgraded to tier 2 or at least when you have them. "Last game I had rangers,... my basic Vayne was stuck at lvl 1 from the start of the game. Nearing the end of the game I NEVER got an extra Vayne while my enemy had a level 3 Veigar. Come on, a lvl 3 Veigar, thats just ……….. pure skill and tactics for sure ;-)" Do you know what drop rate is? The higher level you are the harder is the 1 cost unit(like vayne) and the 3 cost units(like veigar) has the highest drop rate at 7,8 and 9th level, and the second highest drop rate at 6th level. Don't complain about the game if you don't know almost anything about it.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: since a while back people were getting permad for addons on tft is the blitz app just a pure overlay? it doesn't interact with the client in anyway correct?
komalv (EUNE)
: TeamFigth Tactics. Tools.addons or how to say helpers ?
The blitz esports app has overlay with item combinations and drop rates for your current in-game level. here is a link: https://blitz.gg Click "Download", After the download do the login stuff then go to the app's settings>overlay>enable overlay
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