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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can I climb the ladder as a support main?
>would it be possible to get to gold supporting as those three? Yes. If you mastered them, you will likely climb in no time. >what should I focus on most as a support? Lane winning? Peel? You can't always win the lane but i would say a good peel could turn a trash ADC into a god. Vision is something obvious, You don'y need me to tell you that. _P.S Have you tried Maokai support? his winning ratio as support are high atm since he's now just a CC bot. Oh, the free wards every 10 seconds from his E is just ridiculous since his E lasts 70 seconds max level. _ Good luck mate.
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Falbindan (EUW)
: > For those of you who love a chance to spend IP, we’re alsointroducing recurring IP sales which will take place twice a year. The first IP sale goes from August 25, 2016 to September 8, 2016 and includes all chromas launched before August 2016.
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: Rito fix your f***ing servers!
They are doing a maintenance, so hopes this fixes everything. I am having the same problem too. Can't CS neither act fast while my FBS and ping are at their best.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Actually, i wasn't the one who played Morgana but i don't think speaking like that would make him/her perform better than worse which is totally wrong. Haven't you thought that maybe the enemy team was good at dodging? It's just silly how people these days think. If our ADC give him/her a small tip or encouragement, i believe it would made a difference to the player who played Morgana.
Doomley (EUW)
: sounds like servers can send you info but they can't receive it from you. So download works but upload doesn't.
Any help to fix this issue?
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: Thanks Riot Support!
> A wild Racoon A Wild Racoon* :D Yeah, i sent one ticket in my whole life and i was very satisfied, it took 3 days but they kept in touch with me sending me every day that they are currently looking for a solution. I was impressed from Riot support and they deserve all my respect, in fact, everybody's respect.
: I started playing League because my brother played League. He started playing it because friends played it.
Sounds like what i did. I tought my neighbor. He tough his brother. He abd his brother, each one him tought his friends. And now everybody's parents is blaming me. :(
: Back in 2009/2010 me and my pals were still playing DOTA on WCIII.... Then we heard about LoL and decided to give it a shot. Voila! Here we are 6 years later still playing LoL.
Everybody got hooked by LoL... Even anybody who leaves it for another game, soon or later he can't resist not coming back to LoL.
: For me it was a case just like yours. I found out about League around March of 2013, a friend of my sister found out that I was really into video games so he suggested it to me. He said "hey bro, ever heard of LoL?" I said no. He explain that is was an online computer game and bla bla bla. At first I ignored his suggestion for weeks, but when the Xbox Live servers went down (dont know for what reason), I went to LeagueofLegends,com and made an account. I made my account around Lissandras log in screen and let me tell you. I always wanted to play a pc online game, I really wanted to play MMO but I didnt have a computer to hold such power, and seeing how LoL didnt take ANY space in my laptop, I was SUPER excited. Just the fact that my laptop could run LoL hooked me I said "NICE, finally, something I can play on my laptop". Anyway, I made my account, and as I went to log in, I saw Lissandras Log in screen. My jaw dropped, I was amazed, just to let you on a little secret, I AM A SUCKER for video game music (HALO, Kill Zone, were my favorties back then). After Log in in, I played around with the first steps. My Xbox account is delde115, the origen of my name came from my best friend his last name is Lang (although he is spanish) his account was Lang117 (117 from Master Chief), so I copied his name style because we both loved Halo and the Last name or Sur name (like british people say) was simple and easy to dentify. So I made delde116 (the reason I did 115 was because of the following "well, Im not master Chief, but Im close to him"). So what I did was use my Xbox username. Just to let you know, my last name is not DELDE, its Del Dedo (of the finger, if you want a full translation, yeah I know its pretty funny, I even got bullied for it xD but oh well, what can you do?) So, I put in my name, and set difficulty to "Super Noob I have no idea settings" I played the tutorials and let me say. Best tutorials I have ever experienced. Super clear, on point, no questions asked. Then a few days later I stopped playing and went back to playing on my Xbox. I was stuck with Call Of Duty because it was fun, entertainning and all of my friends were there. I went back a few times to League, right around during the Spirit Guard Udyr Log in screen, and again, it got me hooked, I started playing for a week, but then I stopped again and said to myself "You know what, my Xbox Live is going to round out in September, just keep playing and then move to LoL, LoL is *****cough cough***** free *****cough cough*****, you wont spend any money". And so I did, I played on my Xbox till the Live online membership died and went back to League of Legends, right around Aatrox & Lucian´s Log in screens. And ever since then I have been playing League of Legends, and I gotta say, I am loving it. The community was a pain when I started league, LOTS of RACISM, and discrimination and sht talk towards some countries. I still remember how everyone would talk sht about spaniards with TACO TACO (even though thats mexican) and french players with Bagguets, which is now talked as a funny joke, but back then, there was no mercy. But then again, there were some folk that were really nice, mature, neutral (Gpet, Solash, and literally the only ones I can remember right now, but thats because the others have either gone separate ways or changed their names). I will say, the community has grown up SIGNIFICANTLY, so bravo and brava to everyone here. So there you have my story, a little long but its really nice to visit memory lane, so thank you 12a12b12d for this thread :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No, Thank you for this replay. That TACO TACO joke made LOL for a minute. I actually had the same problem with community RACISIM and every thing else. The enemy team asked me where am i from so i said _"Middle-East"_ and he was playing corki and went on chat → _"I'm gonna bomb your contry hahahahaha"_...... Actually, the first thing that made me hooked to the game was Vel'koz loading screen.... It was the first time i see something like that. I littrely spent 5 - 10 min starring at it. Thank you for sharing with us "Del dedo" :D Best wishes, 12a12b12d
MrPista (EUNE)
: I was heavy Dota 2 player,hating League hard. Dota 2 patch 6.83 was goddamn boring meta for me and I tried League. I play League something more than 1 year and Im clsoe to Platinum V,but making pauses in SoloQ too. I still do Dota 2,who's on 6.86 which is very interesting,doing both games but League more than Dota 2. Yet I respect Dota 2 as bornplace of MOBA's and I'll always love it more than League of Legends,even throught I play League of Legends more. There's no reason for hate between 2 communities,I know its MOBA Master race between these but communities should respect each other.
I 100% agree every single thing you said +1 All my friends play LoL, tried teaching them DOTA but they eventually went troll as they know the courier thing. So, i told to delete DOTA and go back to play LoL.....
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Dota1 was indeed before LoL, it is the mod of warcraft that started the MOBA genre. I don't think though it was played much when I started playing LoL since it was too old at this time. I pretty much remember the announcement of DOTA2, so I am pretty sure it was released much after LoL. Anyway, I googled it, and it says DOTA2 was released on mid 2013 and the first version of DOTA1 was released on 2003.
I actually remember playing DOTA 1 and it had a really good reputation before DOTA 2 was released. What you remember is not the announcment of DOTA 2. Back in time when i was playing, DOTA 2 was closed beta game that you needed to pay 50$ to play or win a free key which let you play without paying _(I won a key, didn't pay.... lucky me :D)_. Then it becane open beta (free to play) after a couple of years i think, so that's the announcment i probably think you remember.
Frostię (EUW)
: ***
At least you had someone to play with since the start of the game. I reached level 29 then it was the first time i played with one of my real life friends. Maybe not cool story, but cool games for sure.
Fabiozo (EUW)
: I always played WoW, but then my neighbor (also a good friend) which is the same age as i am started telling me to play league. I sucked so bad in it, i started off playig againt bot and couldnt even get 1 kill. I thought, this game is impossible. But i am a hardcore gamer so i needed to master the game. And now im loving it. peace {{champion:117}}
Looks like you friend didn't tell you about Teemo :D He kept Teemo for himself xS
CarryAll (EUNE)
: I read an article about the MOBA genre in Yahoo games site. I wasn't aware of this genre at all. At this time DOTA2 (and of course HotS) was not available yet. The most important competition of LoL was HoN (Heroes of Newerth). Anyway, I decided to download LoL based over this article. This was very lucky since I think LoL is the best game I played in my life (and hmm... I am 39 years old... played many games in my life...)
39 ?! Jesus lord! Anyway... I consider any player who started playing league in season 1 or 2 lucky because they were fun interesting _(For me)_ seasons. Just one thing, Actually DOTA 1 & 2 came before LoL _(Guess DOTA1 aas released in 2001/2003 and DOTA2 in 2008)_. Weird you found LoL but not DOTA.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
League of legends is the most fun game. I don't there will be a reason for someone to permanently stop playing it unless getting old in age, getting banned or hate it from toxicity.
: More than year ago i was working at internet coffe and my mate was playing league. I had experience with dota and i knew what is it like but never liked it. He literally forced me to play and i will never forget at my first game with people i made them cry! :D Since then step by step i got determinated and now i play pretty much everyday.
I forced my friend to play it. My friend tought his brother about it. My friend forced my other friend to play it. My other friend tought his brother. I swear this kept on and on. I felt like i destroyed regenrations :'( Because league affected all their education level. Anyway, i am pretty sure you're a good player if you had experience in DOTA. B-)
: my story is abit more fortunate than yours :P this was way back caitlyn had just been released that week i remember it clearly but me and my friend were very invested in sc2 and he decided to start playing league to help practice control over a unit in a smaller space and i decided to join him so we started playing league for that practice and after a while we found that we just really enjoyed the game eventually we started playing it more than sc2 :P and we eventually started going off sc2 at least in terms of ladder games till hots and we stopped almost fully :)
Lol, All ways lead to League of legends xD
Infernape (EUW)
: The worst part is that I played DotA 2 and I absolutely hated it (the toxicity in DotA is worse than League imo). I played League for a few hours and I haven't regretted it ever since.
I didn't noticed the toxicity in DOTA at first until i relized the "Cyka" that filled that chat means b*tch or something xD
: About two and a half years ago I got in contact with a guy I liked a lot. We chatted often but didn't have anything in common other than being major nerds. One and a half year ago he linked me to his stream, where he was streaming with a couple of friends. I'd heard about the game from other friends before, but I thought it looked difficult so I didnt bother with it. However, seeing him play made me want to play as well though, partially so we'd have another thing in common. My plan was only partly successful I guess, we ended up being a couple for 3 months before splitting up but I found a game that I love to death. Also got to keep him as a good friend, which is more than I expected when we met up to discuss our relationship. c: Not a fancy story, but it works I guess...
I see it the fanciest here _(Doesn't mean the others not)_ and well..... he seems like a nice guy. So what happened now? You still friends? ###### If he just was a girl, would be more interesting :P
Ulriah (EUW)
: My room-mate kept asking me to start playing LoL, I politely declined several times because I was playing RuneScape at the time. But of course, Jagex kept adding the most annoying updates into the game, and their server stability was just horrible (yes, even worse than EUW/EUNE). So I got pissed off and decided to try out League. For a while I was playing both games, but I've always preferred to stick to a single game, and of course I preferred LoL.
I used to play Runescape when i was playing DOTA.... It was fantastic that time but eventually i stopped playing it when i was started playing league after several days. :D
Infernape (EUW)
: I was forced to play League last July by my friends. I didn't like it at first, then I started getting addicted to it.
Sounds like what i did xD I forced my friend to play the game, he hated it at first and hated me. 3 days later, he called me and told me that he insalled it and he wants me to teach him :D
Santirande (EUNE)
: my brother started to play LoL about 19 months ago. i already knew about this game, but wouldn't try it anyway. this one night i couldn't sleep and turned on my brother's pc.. should i continue? :)
Yeah please continue :D What happened? You played the first game? You brother woke up and tought you?
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: The "headers" are always centered, so in your example both the arrows and the text are already centered. Below the headers you can center stuff by using dubble dots on each side of the text, right next to the |. **Example:** \| Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3| |:---|:---:|---:| | Left! | Centered! | Right! | | Left! | Centered! | Right! | | Left! | Centered! | Right! | You see that I wrote |:---:| this as the template for my middle collum. Because of those dubble dots it'll center all text in that middle collum: | Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3| |:---|:---:|---:| | Left! | Centered! | Right! | | Left! | Centered! | Right! | | Left! | Centered! | Right! | If you would for example use the |:---| symbol, it'll center to the left (since the dubble dot is on the left). This one |---:| would center right.
Oh.... ok. Thank you so much for the help. Here, have a cookie,my just baked them so be careful, they are hot.{{item:2009}}
: I fixed it for you ;) Just click on "edit" to see how it looks now. Actually the only mistake you did was leaving the "/" symbol in front of it. This is called an "escape character" and is used to make the "code" visible instead of it actually working and making stuff fancy. I used it so everyone could see how to do these tabled. Just remember that whenever you put an "/" in front of something, the code will not work. To make it work, remove the "/".
Thank you so much. Oh, just one last question if you don't mind. How can i make my word in the centre? Like i want to put a title in the centre not from the left.
: I can surely try to help you :) Try to create the collums you want in a comment on this one, I'll check out what you did and hopefully I'll be able to fix it and show you what you're doing wrong :P
| → | 5 min later... | ← | |:--|:--:|--:|
: How to: Boards formatting
I know i am late for this question but please i need help. I can't do the collums neither understand how to understand it. Can you please explain it to me better? I will be much grateful. Sorry if i bothered you. Btw, i put this page on my bookmark because it's super useful! Ty ^.^
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: Zed laugh makes me....
It makes me feel i wanna mute the volume.... stretch myself with Zac's E and get the fuck out of the game..... litrely.
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RafaMix99 (EUW)
: 415 lvl 6 with Q
90 basic attack lvl 1 :D
DraskoGames (EUNE)
: Hi Rito
They are still trying......
: Stolen Gmail
Damn, you're in deep sh....... I MEAN, Graves can't have a ci........ I MEAN EH...... try recovering your Gmail by recovering it/forget my password and answering the secuirity question. Recovering your Gmail = Recovering LOL account. If you can't get your Gmail back, nobody can help you except god.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Remove Downvotes
**When do people downvote:** 1- Buff/Nerf Champion X. 2- Champion X is balanced. _______________ 3- When somebody express love to the community. 4- When somebody express hate to the community _______________ 5- When you advise someone. 6- When you curse someone. _______________ 7- When someone ask for Upvotes. 8- When someone ask for downvotes. _______________ 9- When somebody loves Teemo. 10- When somebody hates Teemo.
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Sayainji (EUW)
: Indeed.. and when you go to NA boards, you'll be amazed about the amount of the upvotes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
_It's like NA works this way:_ **I like it, i upvote it.** **I don't like it, i ignore it.**
: Ok, enough with this. Just stop.
I am upvoting this. I remember your thread _"Mysterious downvoter"_ and i upvoted it. ###### it was eventually downvoted...... really community?! I don't know if you notice these times, but around 11 AM here, all threads get downvoted instanstly with huge numbers of downvotes! There was a thread joke of Deadeye that had like 6 upvotes became 0 in less than a minute! This is impossible! It's like people started making teams to do that on boards. I hope each one of those players see this thread. Have a happy new year.
: Stop reading those threads if they anoy you. I did not really look for any other topics so I did not notice that this got spammed. But then again, if it gets spammed maybe Riot has to actually look at it? -_-
It will/did! But not here....... On NA boards these threads gained enough upvotes to be noticed since Riot developers are on NA boards.
: brand can be 0/16 and still do tons of damage with R where is the balance?
That's what it used to be. Not anymore, you were in a bad position probably.
: #LeagueofThunderlords
**Stop these threads!** It became more spammable than the time Graves lost his god damn Cigar.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: what champs would he played after they delete taric kappa kappa
LOL IKR! ###### Did you get the joke with the champions posted? :D
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