: why would u use alt+enter either way tho? If u have it binded as /all chat, just change it to Lshift/Rshift+enter. You can change it back to fullscreen in video settings
When i go fullscreen it turns my game black. It's fine on windowed, i can play it, but not like on fullscreen. Just wanna find a way to play fullscreen again.
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: I fixed it verry simple and and it looks like fullscreen. Simply go to your game directory "C:/Riot games/League of legends/Config/config.cfg" look for "Windowed = 0" line -> change 0 with 2. Close notepad, when asked for save choose yes, then right click "config.cfg" and check "Read only" ->Apply->OK .
hello, ty for tip but i don't have any "config.cfg" there, only "game" "itemsets.json" and "persistedsettings.json"
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