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: Dumbest thing you've done recently on league ?
Played ranked {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ...
: Actualy league of legends dosent need chat .So his suggestion have a big logic in it .If you play with friends you use skype or teamspeak or curse voice .It would be better if you could voice chat in the game so Skype or other programs would not lower your net performance .This game dosent need chat only becose every second is valued .And typing eats alot of time and attention .
Thx 4 the love ma man
: I have a better idea. How about everyone that agrees with you, just stops playing multiplayer games ? And go for single player games instead ? Why don't you just play with bots then ? If you don't have the balls to deal with other people no matter how kind or "toxic" they are, you don't belong in this environment . Most people that hate human interaction in multiplayer games and get offended by it , are people who get isolated in real life also. You isolate from the real world . and you hate everything that is real world related in your piece of heaven that is virtual reality. But there's still a thing that's left unchanged in this part of virtual reality also. It's the ability to interact with others. So you hate that also. What you people actually want is everyone to be kind to you no matter what you do. And that's basically impossible. I'm pretty sorry for those kind of people. If you need any counseling, don't hesitate to contact me, i will maybe enlighten you on how to stop being a neckbeard and to face the real world .
First of all this is just to help other people i don't care about toxic players just because you got those balls to deal with them doesn't mean other people have them dude even girls play LoL and yes girl don't have balls.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I honestly dont know why people believe there are no flamers in the higher ranks. Once you get to diamond 3+ it might get better, but not much before that.
In all ranks people flame and rage but in lower ranks it takes the priority you will just get flamed in lower rank bit more than in higher but flame is in all ranks i don't doubt it
LA Losty (EUW)
: Players themselves can remove the chat. Riot shouldnt do it, because it simply doesnt make any sense to punish the players who are responsible enough to use it, by removing it. I personally enjoy the chat, both for communication and planning strategies aswell as for talking and having a good time with other players, and making friends.
I like the chat to but it would help lower elo players or lower rank
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IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: Ah, that's the problem right there. Warding has ALWAYS been easy. The issiue is that nobody wants to flesh out with their precious, precious gold. More often than not, whenever you've backed to finish an item, you are gonna have up to 200 Gold left, ya know what you can buy then? WARDS. Even two Pinks and still have 55 Gold left for a Health Pot. When I began playing PvP, I mained support, so buying wards at every back quickly became a force of habit. Now I buy wards on every role, all the time. As long as I have the inventory sapce and that spare gold. Which I always have.
Same when i was just a potato in this game i maind one champ and it was Thresh as support first item wards i warded all the time i just don't like blue trinket most of the time enemy team got 4 players whit blue wards its just pain trying to steal buffs or gank now..
: > [{quoted}](name=420,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Rw5spVek,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-14T15:59:53.643+0000) > > now i cant kill vayne,akali,talon,rengar cuz my supp never buys pinks Yeah, no. It's not only the support's job to buy pinks, it's EVERYONE'S job.
I buy pinks all the time i just get more gold then supp so i get more items and my items set gets full so i can help my team with pink i had only pink trinket and i loved it but then riot removed it so i can help my team with pink at start game at mid game my item set gets full but if i can offer some help my team with pink wards i do as much as i can #support your support OP {{item:3340}}
: Yeah, and then they destroy the wards and you're left without vision for the next minute.
Ward smart that's all it's not like he will know when i'll ward i can just wait with my pink :p
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: I dont know man, I mean GP already got a new skin recently, Captain Gangplank, which was his original VU before his tradgic Lore event. For those who never played GP during the event, Captain GP costs 975RP and has different dialoge.
More skins never hurt.. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} maybe
I'm just standing out here and still waiting for {{champion:41}} christmas skin and it's so damn cold but i still beli....
: Riot be like : New Gangplank Skin , "Tentacled Mustache Gangplank" Costs 3250 RP With some ability particle changes His R will be like Zyra's ulti but falling from the sky! His barrels will be Octopus' heads His oranges will be oranges! And his Q will have a special interaction with Women KAPPA {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
11/10 sounds way 2 good to be real
: Someone already posted this.
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