Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Did you dodge a game? From what i know, that counts as a loss
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: Just because you don’t have something to be offended over doesn’t mean others don’t either... if someone says they got offended you apologise and move on it’s really not hard
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: So what is mmr based on ?
It's pretty complicated, I don't really know but what I do know is that the MMR decides your rank not the other way around.
Ulriah (EUW)
: Split-push and avoid teamfights, or skirmishes where these 2 champs are present.
Not every game is for split-pushing in some, it's impossible because the enemy can afford to lose a member to defend against the split and their 4v4 can be stronger.
: Dang. Something counters me. Report.
Idk seems counter-intuitive to tell people, "you can't climb cos you arent 1v9" and then having things like Leona and Naut in the game.
: Not really, DotA is way more strategical than League thanks to Riot ruining the game by constant huge core changes. Strategical and economical items were removed because Riot is too afraid of diversity in strategy even though they say otherwise. In DotA item isn't randomly removed just because new season is here or new patch. They don't rework champions just to "freshen the game" because guess what, some people play those champions. They are literally managing the game better but League is more popular simply because DotA is too hard to play.
I tried Dota and it was really difficult for me, even after playing league for so long, but since I have invested so much time into mastering a champion, it would be very difficult to throw it all away and just go play Dota, I just wish that Tencent has financial issues and some American or European company takes over Riot, would literally be the day that League becomes a decent game, and not because of the in-game changes but because the people running it would actually become respected and loved for their involvement with the community. You can say that they are trying to connect with the community but that is far from the truth. - Buying Tyler1 to boost your popularity is such a dumb idea considering you ban people that are like him from the game - Creating more games, (therefore fewer resources for league) before even fixing your original game - Creating skins that cater to anime lovers, idk just seems like a cash grab - Every single patch note is filled with jokes which are so unnecessarily cringe (haven't used that word since 2016 oof) that even if they were ironic they would still be shit which is what I am assuming they are trying. - Putting out a random video or two a year to pretend you are listening to the feedback, and again in those videos trying to relate to the community, it's legit like the stereotype that 60-year-olds around a table design Burger King adverts trying their best to relate to the younger demographic, this is how disconnected Riot is from its player base. I could list a bunch more examples of Riot's disconnect with the community. Hey, Corona Virus could fix league :O
: Riot wont learn, because there are so many faceless sheep here who worship this indie company, and they can't fix all the shit that's wrong within this game, because it would require taking down the entire game and starting from scratch! Anyway, time to give Dota a try.
Like imagine living in a world where Dota 2 has developers light years ahead of league but I somehow enjoy league more, man %%%% me we live in a shit world.
: > [{quoted}](name=5 leva burz seks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eOWoGuqm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2020-02-11T19:11:41.417+0000) > > I wish we could go back to the days where people were not offended by words. You mean, when words didn't exist?
eh? I mean when I could call you a (British word for a cigarette) and you would be like "ah whatever."
: People have always been offended by words... only difference is that it wasn’t safe for those people to speak out against you. Seriously if you find it so hard to not offend people you’ve got something seriously wrong with you
Telling someone they are a (please don't delete this comment) "Scum dog %%%%er %%%%%%" feels like it takes a load of anger off of your shoulders, expression of emotions is the most important thing in humans and suppressing those emotions because of a shit system not only shortens your life span but also puts you in a worse mood, I can link a study relating suppression of emotions to a shorter life.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Elder Troll,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Px4NZ64u,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2020-02-12T04:49:56.362+0000) > > I forced myself... aaah yes > > 👍 You opened the client and kept playing with smite and tp as a support. You picked those summoners so that somebody dodges (Nobody takes smite and tp) and you didn't let them remake. Dude... who forced that on you except for yourself?
You being the reason for a remake has some really serious consequences right? I feel like that is the worst solution. Best one is to take the loss and go next, you wasted 20 minutes, 25 max if they don't want ff.
: can somebody explain me why in this season im losing 21 lp and winning 18 ?
Your mmr is that of a high gold 2 player not gold 1 yet, you have basically out ranked your mmr and they are trying to slow you down as to not rank up too fast and get matched with players of a skill level marginally higher than yours, therefore your mmr gets a chance to catchup with your actual rank. Play like 30 more games and you will see larger Lp gains than losses.
Ulriah (EUW)
: It's probably because ranked is too boring and stressful, so most people prefer to play Coinflip URF. Most of the times when I queue up for it, I find a game in literally less than a second.
And Ranked is not coinflip?
Senshi86 (EUW)
: Ranked dead?
Cancelling the que puts you at the back making you wait extra long. Solution: 1. Download Teamviewer 2. Hook up your phone to your pc with Teamviewer 3. Go do real life shit until your que pops on your phone 4. Accept the que and hope you are not taking a shit by the time you load into the game. 5. Productivity. 6. Extremely useful for those 20 minute penalties. Nah but for real I just go on instagram or reddit while in que no reason to just stare at the league client while waiting.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: Why are you supposed to carry your own games to get higher elo if...
When I get autofilled support, I legit beg the top laner to swap with me, and if they refuse, I usually play Soraka or if she is banned Morgana, and I spend 30 minutes as a heal bot, literally not walking up letting my team do all the work, if they suck, they suck and there is nothing I can do about that, I ward and heal, I kind of accept the fact that whenever I am autofilled my game is out of my control to win or lose it, I have a friend that is a suppot main and he plays mainly Sona and builds support builds and he tells me that unless he is duo he usually just sits back and lets his teammates decide the outcome of the match. The only exceptions I can see are things like Thresh, Leona, Nautilus where you can deny the enemy 1v5er which could be something like Yi, Irelia, Xin, etc. In these scenarios, the support is extremely important as these 3 champions have insanely overloaded cc kits which more or less decide whether the enemy 1v5er carries or not. But since I am not a support main I will stick to the basic Soraka and Morgana, whenever I am auto-filled, these champions really feel like they were made for autofilled players.
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Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: >Option to abandon game if you get an AFK (instead of being kept hostage by that one player who thinks we can win) That's one of the best things ever. One guy left, you can just leave as well, no punishments, except the mmr loss. >Voice chat (it works believe it or not and isn't constantly filled with raging toxic kids) True as well, but the LoL community is too sensitive for that, they always find imaginary excuses about how good things won't work. >No need for chat restrictions, if you are a toxic player, afker, inter you'll end up in a low priority queue with players like yourself. I used to flame the shit out of people in DotA, and I only got low prio once. People there don't really care about flames, they take them like real men. I never really found myself reporting people for flaming either, since no one really cares about it cause it isn't considered such a big deal.
I wish we could go back to the days where people were not offended by words.
: What does DotA2 does not have? is the real question. The answer is a good game.
Legit only reason I play this dog shti game is because of Camille, if they removed/reworked her I would quit.
: Do you ever consider that autofill is a part of game and you should try to learn few new champions and roles, and stop yelling about Garen OTP shit or whatever u play there? Or learning how to heal and dont die on soraka, or hook on crank is so fkn hard to be usefull on other role Try asking people to swap, u wont believe but there existing people who can play on multiple roles and can help u with your "problem". This OTP cancer is just gone too far.
You will never climb if you play all 5 roles at the same time.
: Something is definitely wrong here
I remember (on a different account) I would troll to get lower elo, and I managed to lose 25 ranked games in a row and for the last 16 games I stayed at gold 4 instead of being demoted to silver 1, this not only proved to me that inters don't get banned but also that people who are boosted will not be put into their place...
Player 00 (EUW)
: Matchmaking for Solo Q is complete joke
Well you had a huge winning streak a while back, and their %%%%%%ed dog scum system is forcing you back into your own lane of 50% win rate, who the f do u think u are trying to climb, stay in your place!
: Pablo Escobar II
I am having the same issue with Instagram
: No they just make another video abot how system REALLY works and how we are bunch of noobs. And its will work another year untill next vid. Meanwhile u must enjoy everyday 50+-1% winrate gaming in one gate with boosters trolls plastic division agents and other NON EXYSTING creatures. And dont forget to shut up or they will delete your honour.
I am happy more people are becoming realists in this community
Kalviras (EUW)
: Is Riot ever going to stop matchmaking forcing losses/wins?
My friend made a point the other day saying that he had a game that lasted 56 minutes and it was the best game he had played since season 4, I asked him why, and he said that the game was not deicded at 15 minutes like 99% of all other games, this is the true enjoyment of league, really close games that don't end from just 1 person dying randomly, or from 1 missed smite, it seems that the smallest things can determine whether or not a game is won or lost, additionally games seem to be decided from champ select...
DrRadon (EUW)
: This game is like being in a abusive relationship.
Dog company that has shit morals, what do you expect? I truly hope they go %%%%ing bankrupt and some sensible company buys over the League of Legends intellectual property.
: You literally got no Lane interaction vs Supports on Toplane.
You played against it once and you are complaining about it, you even won the game, there are such a small percentage of people playing these strats, especially in low elo that it's extremely insignificant, this is a really terrible solo q strat because you can't carry and the main goal in solo q is to solo carry since you can't depend on the other 4 individuals to be mentally healthy to be able to play the game.
: Is league of legends still in beta?
Bruh with the amount of bullshit in this game and the underdeveloped punishment system for trolls this game is in fkin alpha.
Drda (EUW)
: Buff MR
How are ap items useless?? Adaptive Helmet literally negates any DoT abilities like Teemo and Cass poison Spirit Visage negates grievous wounds and if ignite is not present heals you for enormous amounts, especially with conq stacks Hexdrinker and Qss while not being fully MR orientated help out with their incredibly useful abilities. Gargoyle's stoneplate which also gives you armor gives you a very good advantage vs hybrid damage dealers. The only issue I have with defence items is that there are no hybrid defence items other than gargoyle so when I am playing a bruiser I have to use 2 item slots if they have mixed damage.
: Blood moon Tryndamere mask SUCK !!
At least you are getting a skin, *cries in Camille death sound*
Sefiroz (EUW)
: No, I never said he has a counter, I said that his winrate is still in the proximity of 50% and still lower than some older champions.
But you are saying that if anyone playing Sett has any losses then he must have a counter. Additionally after looking at various websites, he does have the highest win rate of any champion in any role, Week 1 of 10.2 54% in top lane, 53% jungle 53.99% in top lane, no data on jungle League of graphs: 54.9% in top lane, 51.4% in jungle In week 2 he was overtaken by this stupid Soraka top thing, which is gonna be viable for exactly 2 days before people pull their heads out of their asses and learn to counter it.
: He's not saying that he logs in depressed. He's saying that it is provocative of disappointment that the game that he once enjoyed, we once enjoyed so much, has become tainted and disfigured from what it once represented.
XL Bench Press spends more time on the forums than in-game or asleep, he/she is literally mentally ill, just ignore them.
DenBettes (EUW)
: Such a bunch of sad whiners you all are. You're comparing to season 3, season 4,... i bet most of you don't even %%%%ing remember what happend in that season. Just stop crying on boards about your horrible winrates. If you don't like it, start a new account or go play normal mode. If you cant climb, it's ONLY your own fault (in the long term, not talking about your one game where you had a random feeder). Stop trying to blame someone else and esp an organisation. How the %%%% do they influence your missclicks / missed CS / bad rotation / missed smite / stupid dive They dont
I agree that you are not supposed to blame your teammates for not being able to climb, but the OP is talking about how things like Sett have not been hotfixed after 2 weeks and even after that the nerfs were rather insignificant.
: i don't get why riot balance team can't just hotfix shit like sett when he's so clearly disgustingly overtuned, why must we wait 2 weeks every %%%%in time to just not want to pull our hair out
My solution is to permaban him, after playing 1 game vs him I just was fixed on just banning him every single game, no matter if I played top or not. Considering the 1 game vs him that I played I beat him in lane, I knew that a higher skill sett would completely destroy me because of how overloaded his kit, damage and shield is. just like riot permabanned me 16 times :')
Sefiroz (EUW)
: So Sett is winning around 54% of his games right now. What about the rest of the 46%? He's strong but extremely obviously not invincible. He still needs nerfs of course that much is apparent to pretty much everyone but no, matches aren't unwinnable because of him alone.
that is literally like saying a 70% win rate character is fine, he loses 30% of his games so he must have a counter right?
: what if an eye of herald could summon up little voidlings aswell
How about, as a homage to zzrot they make it so whenever you use eye of herald instead of spawning the herald itself (which doesnt even make sense) you spawn an invincible 120-second zzrot portal.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Why are ADCs (not) bot
ADCs have the most aa damage and this means they do dragon fastest, and you can't leave mid behind for dragon as a mid laner.

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