: LoL client is having difficulties
"New client is better faster,more buggy"-Totally not rushed
: Ardent Censer is being reverted back to it's even more broken state
I guess i wont buy it anymore lol.No heal no party.
Wen294 (EUW)
: {{champion:85}} For the decent hp, get {{item:3022}} as first item and you can kite for days. Reasonably effective against bulkier top laners. E is great for escaping. Afterwards buy some attack speed stuff depending on what fits your needs. {{item:3085}} for splitpushing, {{item:3153}} for dueling. Then get some more bulky item, once again just look at enemy team and pick up what you need. Maybe go something like {{item:3091}} {{item:3143}} for a nice balance of attack speed, magic resist, armor and hp. You can also opt for a more ap based build by going {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}} or something like that. It's a really versatile champion but you do need to know what to build when. Well you learn that by doing and getting a feel for it. He's not exactly great for jungle though.
That buid sucks now.Go AP kenen
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Nothing. Its none of your concern what others play
It is.Because of their disco nunu you lose aswell.
Alttu (EUNE)
: kill stealers raport
: ok
What did he say?I cant see since its deleted.
: Bots are everywhere (In Aram)
They are banning them in waves so that the scripter (guy who created them) doesnt know how did they found out :)
Pumber (EUNE)
: What is happening in Silver IV?
Well because of damn stupid matchmaking.I got matche with 2 uranked people who were just feeding because they dont know how to play.They either dont talk english and they cant get tips and better because of it or either they stole accounts while their main is level 13 or even less.
Swav HD (EUW)
: #HONORSYSTEM Anyone got a promote from level 0 to Level 1?
Also honor lv0 and it has been like 16 days still no lv1 :/
pajopatak34 (EUNE)
: Whipp, The KIng Of Clouds (the chanp that deals no damage)
Interesting champ but E is broken.Imagine a Draven lvl1 critting you .-. how obnoxious would that be?
Kermakasa (EUNE)
Yep dmg is insane he killed me on lv1 his dmg is like so bugged xD
: I just found out that i have cancer.
Good luck man and get well soon :)
: Banned after being reported by 4 teammates, wasn't even flaming
The game 1 isnt bannable,idk for game 2 but if you say u flamed in game 3 then still.Game 1 wasnt toxic at all like wtf.
My Sword1 (EUNE)
: Here is some Ideas for League of legends.
Trading will never be implented.When they introduced HC it feel lik game has changed into farming skins.So riot would only lose more money if you were able to trade your duplicates of legendary/ultimate skins.
: Good job man! I got a good advice from a high elo Rioter lately, he told me "pick one champion for ranked and play only that. Once you get so comfortable that it's almost boring that's when you start climbing. When you feel about playing something else, go normal, go aram, but stick with your champion in ranked." It's working for me, I'm getting out of bronze in solo :)
Riot responds to this post :O We are saved
: idk who came up with the idea to make a new tank that is so strong, like any other tank there is in this stupid game, what happened to the whole point of tanks using CC and peels for team, because apparently in LoL they still deal damage too... well get ready guys, a perma banned champion is coming out. Also being able to shop from anywhere? create his own items? let's teammates create their own items? Yeahhhhhhh boi, bring the late game please.... Not only is Cho'Gath, Maokai, Nasus and many other tanks and juggernauts still op, and doing their job + able to deal plenty of damage, now when u think they might get nerfed soon, Riot decides to create a champion that exceeds any others late game, not only for himself but also for his teammates. Riot first of all fix your mistakes, THEN make champions... Why are tanks making you so damn horny? Do you get %%%%% by making tanks broken...
Kinda agreed but with permabanning him lets assume both teams will ban him then 2 champions can slip away through that ban.That is problem with new champions
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: How does engaging ult and passive being good for the team means he was created for LCS? There are a lot of champions who have engaging ult. And teamplay =/= lcs only...
Well as i see that upcoming balance changes are mostly directed on LCS and nothing for us i thought they decided to create him.
Nardeus (EUW)
: Patch 7.7 movement prediction bug.
What is movement prediction?
Rioter Comments
: Unfair 14-days suspension
Well you needed atleast 2 more games like that to be bannable.This is not for 14 days ban but for 10 games chat restrict.Maybe not even that.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Whoever said KDA doesn't matter is talking rubbish. Sure it's not the be all and end all of every game. But to say it doesn't matter, is quite frankly absurd. If you have a high KDA in every game, or majority, it means you are playing well, making good plays or responding to plays made by allies or enemies very well. High KDA does not necessarily mean people are to chase kills instead of objectives. If you have alot of kills and assists, it means you are contributing heavily to the team, ensuring enemy champions don't get to live for long, is one way of carrying league of legends.
It doesnt matter.I had countless games where enemy had like 20 kills and didnt know how to carry.
Bigskillz (EUNE)
: 14 Days ban.
Yes it will decrease after year i think.But riot is %%%%%.They punish flamres harder than trollers,inters etc.You can flame 1 game and get ban but feed 10 games and run it down mid ur not banned.
: Ban request
When i was asking something about my ban rioter told me that you dont receive message of banned player due to their privacy.So you are not gonna get it that often.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: You are a guest in a foreign house. The head of the house says: It is forbidden to walk into the dining room with your shoes on. Yet you go with your shoes on. Next day you are not the guest anymore because he kicked you out of the house. Guest: You, as a player House: Riot Company Dining Room: League of Legends game Shoes: the bad words you use Kicked out of the house: permabanned I believe you all get what I just stated. There will never be a time to change the rules of the game so it can favor flamers rather than feeders. The game favors trolls, feeders, inters and so on and bans the shit out of flamers, who unfortunately, besides their toxicity are FAR BETTER PLAYERS than the ones who are the reason of flaming :)
True.Sometimes flamers win the game but inters,feeders,troll never win.Being an asshole (flamer) is bad,but being a d*ck(troller,inted,feeder) is good???
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0l5hr7g0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-07-21T10:01:45.646+0000) > > I'll ask you the same thing, only the other way around. Why in the world i would want to keep a truckload of uncivilized a@@holes in the game i like instead than ban them for good? > > If possibly i would like to play with cooperative players which with i may have even a laugh or two. Heck, i may like even to chat with the enemy team instead to keep enemy chat off by default because, well, being flamed by my team is enough already. > So by all means i want flamers out of the game whenever it's possible. What you don't seem to understand is that flamers usually ARE BETTER players than "someone to enjoy playing with". The cooperative players are in the flamers group, not the other way around. As soon as you realize that, you'll have a different perspective on banning flamers, rather than feeders, inters, afk for good.
I agree.I just flame people who are idiots.Got 14 days ban yesterday but people who wished me cancer ar still playing.Im not that kind of person that wont help because my teammate sucks.How many troll picks in ranked have i gotten or how many times i got ''tilt acount'' that is suppose to keep quiet all time and feed to just make me more angry?League community is all about tilting enemy team saying:ez kid,QQ,cry more etc.And i now see some posts on sites that are based on this:Win game by tilting enemy team.Literally what i just said,they use strategies like camp the guy who flames so he can flame more and keep off his focuso n the game,then tilt him by saying ez and other stuff like that (which is not bannable untill it comes to real flaming).Just disgusting community i see here and most of this toxicity comes from youtube videos,tyler1 followers or simply a flamer dude who plays only for win and cant stand losing.
: It won't be Viktor, this is the season where he's overnerfed and not played much. They usually make victorious skin for a meta champion
Viktor overnerfed?All they did was increasing magic resistance from 0 to 0,5.
: Friend with tourette syndrome curses without control. Gets permabanned 15 times.
: Would you smash?
Miss is best <3.
: Please deal with co-op vs. AI bots...
Just how many bot games are 5 bots vs 5 bots lol.The game never ends and only ends after patch cuz they end all games in draw xD
: >i found similar few months old case where somebody got their ban lifted after it was proved it was hacked: I would not rely on that case my friend. This was on OCE, things are not necessarily the same on EUW. General policy is, that even if an account is "hacked" (stop using that word please) everything that happens on it is still the account owners problem. **And I fully understand and support that policy.** It doesn't matter that the account was stolen...it still was ruining other peoples games. Now, say they give back such accounts to the original owners...what's to say they won't again use weak passwords, get malware on their machine or do god knows what else that compromises them, and in a few days/weeks, the same account ruins even more games?
So you say that no matter his acc got hacked its still his fault?Basically what you are saying is same as if i would set fire in your house and it would be not mine but yours fault because its your house.
Pomek (EUW)
: Help needed and Riot Support is refusing to provide it
That Dalek Skaros is idiot.He put up some shitty guide about my error and his instructions were so unclear''.But please be aware that we won't discuss about this suspension anymore, as we have provided you all the information that we could provide.''This is just example of classic unfair thing.It looks like it was made on purpose.He wont dicuss because he knows you are innocent and he probably had a bad day and he just hit you with punishment and hes going to ignore you.My brother got banned on steam because he was ''too good'' on CS:GO.
: How can i control salt
/mute all and have a nice game :)
karolmo (EUW)
: somehow tf still has 52% winratio amongside plat+ players, so idk how is he "weak"
Just because he has good winrate doesnt mean that champ is doing good.In those wins TF may not have impact on the games......
LiNkfX (EUW)
: twisted fate rework needed
Agreed.Passive rly sucks ass.
: 1) there are common items an kff tank an assasin may build. I know that the transformation is a one off but he can decided in mid game and switch to what suits him. 2) no his mobility is not the same with talon. Talon cant go througj the same wall. Talon can't go out of the map terrain and talon does not have the movement speed nor this dash this guy has. 3) yes i knkw he needs to deal damage. So what will prevent him from ulting in a shen ult? Or ulting a tf ult? Damage + mobility + invonerability is going to be very very difficult to balance him. I believe he will be either UP or OP.
And what when he can go out of map?He cant teleport or recall soooo useless struggle m8.
: Hold ALT and left click on the item in shop :)
: Hold Alt and then click on the item you want to ping.
Rioter Comments
: Cant log in because i may be offline
''Polished new client without errors''.I say they hurried to push new client and replace legacy and this is what we have now.Tons of error we didnt have to deal on the old one........
Rioter Comments
: Mute doesnt take ctrl+6 away from enemies. I'm sorry there's no way.
It does take it away for you.You cant see it.
xiyeonn (EUNE)
: Fix hitboxes
Sometimes i feel like projectile (that has range like jinx W) just extends from its real range.
: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
Urgot support in ranked.It was my last promo game (the first promo in season where u get placed in div) and i picked it cuz i was pissed that no one picked a tank and i was like idc i go urgot supp.And turns out that we won the game.Enemy was so pissed lmao :V I went all normal supp items and i picked talisman cuz MS :V
Rioter Comments
R3KTbyR4du (EUNE)
: how can i tell rito to give me a icon ?
Rioter Comments
KokalePoika (EUNE)
: Nerf Draven...
His Q is out of control.It scales (on lv5) with 45 + 110% BONUS AD.So if your bonus ad is 300 you will get 330 dmg.Plus its stupid when he has for example 350 ad and he crits that is around 800 (with IE bonus dmg) plus the shitty Q dmg makes it 1k and if he has 2 axes well son u are screwed.Agreed to make death dance meele only.The DD+PD combo is out of control
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