Shurrir (EUW)
: Starting a new competitive team - Diamond 2+
Geez why is it that no team like this ever makes tryouts instead of just blatantly asking for a certain rank?
Skalper (EUW)
: Unseen Destiny need TOP LANER. Make sure you read before you apply.
Hello there, I'm gold 3 on euw, but diamond on eune, if you're not content with me being gold 3 by name on west, then please stop reading right now as you'll only waste your time reading further. I was plat 2(I've re-read the entire text and spotted the requirement where you said at least p2, I assure you I didn't list plat 2 just because you set it as a requirement) on west but dropped because of personal reasons I don't want to disclose here. I'm an avid moba game player for 10 years now, started with dota, went through hon, dota 2, and league naturally on which I have played 4,5k+ games total since the start of season 2. I have great understanding about how the game works, and also the mechanics to make it happen. I have a wide champion pool and can adapt to many play styles, and even learn new champs if necessary, all depends on how serious the team is to be honest, and if you really want to make it happen I'd be fully ready to devote all my free time to it. What I could bring to your team? A flexible, cooperative, diverse, and eager player who can accept constructive criticism and return the same. If you're still reading I urge you to at least try me out to confirm I'm not exaggerating. Thank you for your time and regardless of your choice I wish you the best of luck with your team. Cheers mate.
: [SILVER] #TRYHARD for GOLD! Looking for DUOQ partner!
There are people who want to get it legitimately. Don't ruin his hopes.
: [SILVER] #TRYHARD for GOLD! Looking for DUOQ partner!
I could get you to gold in 2 days flat if you want lol. but it'll kinda be the easy way of getting gold and might not be as satisfactory for you, i don't use any voice programes but i'm smurfing and can carry. respond here if you're at all interested.


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